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If This Describes You, We Are The Team For You

Most websites have an About Us page, so of course we have one of these, too – just click here to learn more about us.

We also added this About You page to describe, in detail, the types of clients who will benefit the most from working with us.

Here are some qualities of clients who will benefit most from our Internet Marketing services:

1. You Value Life-Long Partnerships

While we can and have achieved great results for clients in the short term, the most benefit can be seen from clients who ‘partner’ with us for the long haul. We have current clients who have been a part of our team for more than 5 years and they continue to experience significant growth year after year. As an integral part of their team, we know what it takes to help their business succeed. Our tagline explains it best – Relationships & Results.

2. You Want More Than A ‘One-Off’ Service Provider

The clients who benefit most from our services are those that allow us to be part of their bigger picture. They hire us for web design or Internet marketing services but quickly include us in their larger company-wide goals and objectives. These clients bounce different marketing ideas off of us to get our feedback and expert advice before making critical decisions. We sit down with their entire team for meetings and discuss the company mission and objectives and how we can all work together to achieve the greatest results possible.

3. You Understand That Hiring An Outside Team Is More Effective Than Hiring One Internal Person

To hire an in-house ‘internet marketing specialist’ means you spend between $30,000-$60,000/year depending on their experience and skill level. Tack on benefits, paid vacation, sick days and turnover rates and it quickly adds up. Hiring an “outside team” like RODA marketing costs less than an internal hire, plus, you get the expertise and insights of 5-10 different teammates who all specialize in their own field, from blog writing, SEO, web design and development, social media management, and more. You don’t have to provide benefits, paid vacation, or sick days and our team works around the clock on your behalf.

4. You Understand That Internet Marketing Is A Marathon, Not A Sprint

If you are looking for immediate results, SEO and content marketing is not the avenue you should take. While we can and continue to get results quickly, we don’t like to promise overnight success for clients. The clients who benefit the most from our services are clients who understand that what we do takes time to achieve optimal results, because we do it ethically so it works for your business for years and years. Anyone who promises to get you immediate results with SEO and Internet Marketing (Pay Per Click aside) could be putting your online presence in jeopardy by utilizing ‘black hat’ tactics to ‘trick’ the Search Engines.

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