Inbound Marketing

“Dear Matthew and Adam, just a quick note to tell you how much I appreciate the effort both of you have made in attracting more qualified visitors to my websites than ever before. Your experience with today’s technology, your patience in helping me understand it, and your persistence in seeing that I follow through is very much appreciated and something you don’t often see in today’s business world. I’m happy to recommend you to any of my business associates. Congratulations on establishing such a successful operation!”

– Steve Sikking |

The Difference Isn’t Your Message – It’s The Philosophy

When you see your job from a “need to make sales” perspective, no one will trust you. When you come from a place of providing massive value and being an information leader, your credibility soars and new opportunities come effortlessly and organically.


It’s not about selling to everyone because not everyone is your ideal customer. Understanding this allows you to cut through the masses and save time and energy. Plus, it’s a great way to build loyalty with those who matter the most. When you know who your ideal customer is and you adhere to an effective digital and content marketing strategy, it is easier to get your message in front of the decision makers and influencers who matter the most. We have that blueprint for success ready and will implement it for you. It goes beyond who your ideal customers are; it also encompasses what brand message and personality you want to share with the world. Once that is defined, coming up with offers and content that will generate responses is easy.

Visitors rarely respond to generic sales pitches, but they do respond to offers that are created to match their specific needs.

When your ideal customers are ready to take the next steps, they do so without any old-school sales pressure from you. You stay in a consultant role, as you share quality information.


At RODA marketing, we do not like to guess if what we are doing for you is working or not, and we also do not like to set “fake” goals, such as improved search engine rankings, because these types of pieces of the puzzle only tell a small fraction of the overall story.

Our focus is to help you grow your business.

Using a detailed analysis and reporting system, we monitor and tweak your campaign on a weekly and monthly basis. We study page view and visitor trends, search engine ranking indicators, social media activity and production, and much more. This way we know exactly what is working and what we need to keep improving on.

Effective inbound marketing is all about lead generation and takes the right combination of content creation, ideal customer awareness and irresistible offers.

At RODA marketing, we have proven ways to help our clients make the most out of their web presence.

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