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The 9 Most Ridiculous Things People Type Into Google When Searching For Gummy Bears

Doing keyword research for new projects can be very time consuming and tedious.  However, stumbling upon these hidden gems (aka, ridiculous keywords) make it totally worthwhile and fun to do!   Leave a comment below and tell us which one is your favorite!


1.  “Gummy Bear Gummy Bear Gummy Bear”

(Average of 70 people per month search for this)

– Someone is awfully excited to find gummy bears (three times more excited than most others).  If you are one of those 70 people, we’ll share a secret with you: typing it only one time should do the trick!


#280 When little kids get really, really excited

2.  “Are Gummy Bears Candy?”

(Average of 10 people per month search for this)

– Some people really know how to over think things, don’t they?  Are gummy bears candy, really?  Is grass green?  C’mon people, smarter searches!



3.  “20 Pound Gummy Bear”

(Average of 90 people per month search for this)

– If you need a knife and a granny fork (yes, a granny fork is a real thing) to eat gummy bears, you are doing something terribly wrong!




4.  “Free Gummy Bears”

(Average of 30 people per month search for this)

– What exactly did they do and why are they in prison and how can we free them?  Wait, maybe these are just 30 cheap people who think someone is going to give them free gummy bears – that makes more sense?!



5.  “Are Gummy Bears Vegan?”

(Average of 170 people per month search for this)

– We know these searchers are wondering if gummy bears are OK for their vegan diet, however, it got us thinking – are gummy bears actually vegan?  We have never seen a gummy bear’s diet, so sadly we cannot answer that.  This guy (below) wishes he had the answer to this age-old question.


What is Agar?

6.  “In A Gummy Bear”

(Average of 20 people per month search for this)

– Guys, we are going to need a little more information here.  Your vague search really ‘leaves us hanging’ on this one!



7.  “I Gummy Bear”

(Average of 70 people per month search for this)

– Ok movie junkies, you’re going to LOVE this news!  Apparently these 70 people knew about the highly anticipated sequel to ‘I, Robot’ long before we did!  We know what you’re thinking and YES, Will Smith WILL be back for the sequel!



8.  “Why Are Gummy Bears Bears”

(Average of 20 people per month search for this)

– We think you may have answered your own question!



9.  “Vodka Filled Gummy Bears”

(Average of 20 people per month search for this)

– And finally, what would this list be without some group trying to take something as innocent and fun as gummy bears and turning it into a way to get wasted?  We feel your pain gummy bears, we feel your pain.



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