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5 Life Lessons From Our Family Dog

Even though writing this will only cause me to cry more today, I wanted to honor our family dog, Kobe, in any way I can, because she meant the world to me and our whole family.

Kobe Roda

Kobe passed onto the next life last night, and boy have the last 12 or so hours been some of the hardest moments of my life.

With that said, if she were here and able to talk, I know she’d be telling me and everyone that knew her to wipe our tears and SMILE and to remember the good times… because there was an abundance of those!

I know we’re the ones left to feel the pain and she’s freed from any of this world’s pain, and that’s she’s freely running around somewhere, hopefully with her other doggie cousins who have passed over the years.


We also want to believe she is with our grandfather who had a special place in his heart for Kobe when she entered our family so long ago; up there, playing Frisbee and being free to just be.


What better way to honor one of my all time best friends than to put it down in writing, so it’s here forever; to honor her beautiful soul and spirit by touching upon some of the lessons she’s taught me over her 14 years with us.

Kobe Roda

1.  Protect your loved ones:

Kobe was an extremely friendly dog to anyone she knew and trusted; BUT, if you were a stranger entering our house or approaching it – you’d know she was inside to ensure only safety found us.

2.  Fight to the very end: 

The last few years of Kobe’s life were tougher than her youth (obviously) because she developed hip problems that slowed her down.  She would surprise us time and time again, as she gathered the energy to pull herself up with just her front two paws.  Over the last week it got tougher and tougher for her and we could see the end was nearing but she kept pulling herself up, to see the smiles and encouragement on our faces, not giving up until she just could not do it anymore. Miss Kobe was very impressive from start to finish.

3.  Have fun to the very end:

Because of her hip challenge, Kobe stopped getting her regular daily walks over the past week or so.  BUT, that didn’t keep her from jumping around and acting like a puppy one last time, as she asked my Dad and brother to take her for one last walk last night.  They obliged, she enjoyed the fresh air and sniffing around, one last time. She left us moments later, on her terms, with one big sigh.  I know one thing, she’s around and by my side as I write this, because she’s now pure energy that resides in and around us.

4.  Surround yourself with love: 

Kobe taught me this lesson again last night even though I’m fully aware of it day by day … when you’re surrounded by love; everything really can be OK.  Kobe passed with those closest to her right by her side; soon after the entire family was by Kobe’s side.  The love she exuded for us over the last 14 years is a direct reflection of the love we shared with her and she’ll forever be a reminder to me of what unconditional love is.  Do I miss her?  More than words can describe.  Do I expect to feel this sadness for some time? Yea, it hurts and that won’t leave anytime soon.  BUT Kobe loves us and we love her; even with her physical presence gone, love never disappears.

5.  Be happy with what you have: 

I have two other dogs and they’ve seen so much.  They moved with me from place to place in San Diego, have swum in the west and east coast oceans, travelled across America, gone to explore Mexico.  Then there’s Kobe, closest thing she ever got to being in the water was falling in our pool every now and again.  She never traveled (besides 2 miles down the street to her vet once per year) and never visited dog parks, etc. BUT that was A-OK with Kobe.  She knew she had a family by her side that loved her so much, she got plenty of walks, had a back yard to run in and so much more.  Too often, we’re outside looking in and wanting “more.”  Kobe has and will always be the perfect reminder to me that everything we have is already enough; especially when being LOVED is part of that equation.

Kobe Roda

We surrounded her with love during her life, she left this world feeling our love and one thing will be forever certain:  she will be remembered with LOVE in our hearts, always.

Ciao for now Kobe, thank you for everything and see you again my “pretty face.”

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