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I cannot express enough how pleased I am with the exceptional service provided by Roda Marketing! From the very first interaction, their team exhibited unparalleled professionalism, expertise, and dedication to achieving our marketing goals. Roda Marketing went above and beyond to understand our unique needs and crafted a customized strategy that not only met but exceeded our expectations. If you're looking for a top-tier marketing partner that delivers results and exceeds expectations, look no further than Roda Marketing. I wholeheartedly recommend them to anyone seeking to elevate their brand presence and achieve business success. Truly a five-star experience in every aspect!
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Gabriella W. Avatar
Gabriella W.
Matt and the team at Roda Marketing were fantastic to work with on a new website project we tasked them with. From the start - Matt kept us on schedule with site needs and made sure his team met deadlines. The site looks great and we are very happy with it! Thanks Matt and Roda Marketing!
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Ben M. Avatar
Ben M.
Matt was attentive and helped me process my ideas and come up with a strategy to accomplish my goals for the website. It was a pleasure working with the team at RODA Marketing. Highly recommend them!
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Kerry E. Avatar
Kerry E.
RODA Marketing has done a great job for us. We greatly appreciate all that they do for us and their customer service is second to none!
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Michele S. Avatar
Michele S.
By far the most consistently advantageous move I made for my business was trusting Roda Marketing to handle my online presence. They think outside the box, help solve problems, and I trust them with my information. Can’t recommend them enough!
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Zoe H. Avatar
Zoe H.
Our team has been partnering with RODA marketing for many years, and we've always had an energetic, dedicated, talented and highly responsive team of professionals on our side! We highly recommend RODA if you're looking for super knowledgeable people who bring 110% to each project or campaign. Our new website looks fantastic, and despite the many hurdles we've seen internally this year, RODA was there for us to support continued growth in our business all the way. Thank you Matt, Adam & Kat!
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Alicia G. Avatar
Alicia G.
A small organization like ours can often be overlooked, but that's not our experience with RODA. They are always responsive and bring creative solutions to our needs! I would definitely recommend.
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Eric H. Avatar
Eric H.
We contracted with RODA marketing and have been thoroughly pleased with the level of responsiveness and expertise in knowing how to promote our Real Estate Company to our market areas in order to increase our brand recognition and reach more clients who will benefit from our services. Highly recommend! They have lived up to every promise they made so far and even help to educate us along the way any time we have questions.
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Naomi F. Avatar
Naomi F.
RODA Marketing did a wonderful job creating our website. They met with us in person and were responsive throughout the entire project. I cannot say enough about their superior customer service! Matt is top-notch! Their proven experience and excellence is the reason why our company would highly recommend RODA Marketing to anyone who is looking to create a customized website.
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Susan H. Avatar
Susan H.
Such an amazing and easy process. I was pressed for time and needed work done for the studio. To say the response time is fast would not do the Team Justice. We needed a last min project and Matt jumped right on it. In a world where emails get lost and wait times longer it is good to see companies like Roda marketing staying above the water .
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ItrainStudio P. Avatar
ItrainStudio P.
We reached out to Roda for an animated logo. Not only did they go above and beyond by providing us with about a dozen options, they did so in under two hours! We love our new logo and can't wait to begin using it in our videos! I highly recommend Roda for all things marketing related! Thanks Matt!
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Adam K. Avatar
Adam K.
After making phone calls and checking multiple references we landed on RODA Marketing. Simply put we have been absolutely taken back by several things. First of all we had a consultation from owners Matt and Adam. I was so happy with the lack of sales catch phrases often heard from marketing firms. So down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable! The on-boarding went seamlessly with detailed process and procedures that were missing before. They are definitely organized in a way I personally have never seen. But far and above was the their teams communication process. It was absolutely ASTONISHING! I was quite literally taken back by it. I have never, i mean never worked with a company, any company, that had had such great communication. In fact it has inspired me to work towards adding their communication processes to our company. And yes we did see immediate results! Anyway, you know by now how thrilled we have been! Highly recommend reaching out to Matthew Roda at RODA Marketing.
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Myron S. Avatar
Myron S.
I've been working with the team at Roda Marketing now for several years and they never disappoint...whether it's being proactive with an opportunity to have the website they manage for me "tweaked" for efficiency or staying on top of me because I'm late getting them something they need to help MY endeavors...they are all over it! Matt, Adam and Kat, thank you for making my life easier!!
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Andrew S. Avatar
Andrew S.
The Roda team has a very quick response time to questions and getting concepts back to you. They have listened to everything we are asking for and captured our vision. Love working with and HIGHLY recommend them for any business looking to diversify and increase revenue. They are worth the investment, there all the time watching for you, and you don't need to hire a PT/FT employee. It's a win-win!
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Amie H. Avatar
Amie H.
We interviewed several marketing firms before we settled on RODA. 100% satisfied with our decision too. One of most important things to us is service after the sale. I'm an old school kind of a guy with lots of question's and very often need things explained a few times till I get it. Every time a had a question it was answered promptly and thoroughly. And I had plenty of questions. The Roda Boy's service and support is outstanding. Give them try. I guarantee you won't be disappointed.
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Richard L. Avatar
Richard L.
Thank you RODA Marketing for all your hard work creating Furniture Soup's new website! From the first meeting we had with Matt and Adam we knew RODA was the right choice for us. Its not always easy dealing with picky, opinionated designer types like us - so thank you for your patience, guidance and industry knowledge! We look forward to an ongoing relationship with RODA to grow our business.
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david g. Avatar
david g.
Very hardworking workers who truly care about the growth of their customer’s business! Highly recommend!!!
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SRC R. Avatar
From the beginning of our engagement, Matt and his team were very responsive to our needs, requirements and timeline. The process of developing our new website was very organized and assisted greatly in assisting in content development. Key words to describe Matt and his team include: responsive, trustworthy, team oriented and very helpful in ensuring an outcome that exceeds the clients expectations. Phil Leaman President/CEO Resource Partners
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Phil L. Avatar
Phil L.
I am pleased and honored to provide this review on behalf of RODA marketing. From the very first meeting with Matt and Adam, all the way up to the launch of our new mobile friendly site, I knew that I had made the absolute best decision for my firm. Their professionalism and technical expertise were evident from day one and never waivered throughout the course of the project. Now, I have a user and mobile-friendly website that is optimized to show up on page one of Google for keywords that are most important for the growth of my business. I would highly recommend RODA marketing to any and all that are considering engaging with this highly competent, technically skilled, and tremendously professional team. You will not be disappointed.
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Keith F. Avatar
Keith F.
One thing so often missed or poorly considered in a small business is a lack of marketing or correctly hiring a quality marketing team. If you want volume, if you want growth, you MUST hire a quality marketing firm. Now with the uncertainty in the market at the moment how increasingly important is it! This is not the time to decrease advertising and marketing, in fact in my opinion quite the opposite. In this downtime please consider how your marketing is being handled. Several months ago our company switched marking firms. After making phone calls and checking multiple references we landed on a local company called RODA marketing. Simply put we have been absolutely taken back by several things. First of all we had a consultation from owners Matt and Adam. I was so happy with the lack of sales catch phrases often heard from marketing firms. So down to earth and incredibly knowledgeable! The on-boarding went seamlessly with detailed processes and procedures that were missing before. They are definitely organized in a way I personally have never seen. But far and above was their team's communication process. It was absolutely ASTONISHING! I was quite literally taken back by it. I have never, I mean never worked with a company, any company, that had had such great communication. In fact, it has inspired me to work towards adding their communication processes to our company. And yes we did see immediate results! Anyway, you know by now how thrilled we have been! Highly recommend reaching out to Matthew Roda at RODA marketing.
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Myron S. Avatar
Myron S.
I finally spent the time I wanted to spend in the new website using my iPad. The iPad is my litmus test for how usable a site is as they are not quite as powerful as a laptop. It worked fantastic and I LOVE it. Great work everyone!! It is amazing! Matt, please pass our kudos onto your team.
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Larry G. Avatar
Larry G.
RODA Marketing has done a phenomenal job with all of our law firm's internet-based marketing for the past 6 months. Their staff is always responsive and courteous. We could not ask for better service.
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Heather E. Avatar
Heather E.
Matt of Roda Marketing has been more than a pleasure to work with in the revamping of my employer's website. He was always willing to answer any questions and make adjustments as requested. His polite and accommodating personality really made the entire transition seamless.
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Sabrina W. Avatar
Sabrina W.
Matt and the Roda Marketing team are AMAZING to work with! They built our Hempfield Botanicals WordPress site and it looks great. Plus, they have helped us with our social media marketing efforts, of which, we have had great success. I highly recommend Matt and the team at Roda Marketing!!!!
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Heather K. Avatar
Heather K.
RODA marketing has helped us redesign and redevelop our website for Harbor Stone Construction company, LLC and now they are helping us obtain more clients through our Internet Marketing!
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Jennifer B. Avatar
Jennifer B.
Working with RODA marketing team was an effortless and synergistic collaboration! I appreciate and respect their responsiveness and willingness to truly get my vision and message, and to work with me to ensure it's reflected in my website they created ( Fun, intelligent, and efficient - they are my go to digital marketing team! Thanks, RODA marketing!
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Lidija K. Avatar
Lidija K.
RODA Marketing is fabulous to work with. They are professional, timely, and kept our project moving nicely.
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Evon B. Avatar
Evon B.
We couldn't be happier about our experience working with Roda Marketing to develop a new website for Community Action Partnership of Lancaster County (PA). Matt was a resource, not just a vendor. He helped us envision our new site and displayed saint-like patience as we worked through multiple layers of organizational revisions and approvals. He was exceptionally responsive and cheered us on throughout the entire process. I have no hesitations providing my highest recommendation of Roda Marketing.
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Kristy A. Avatar
Kristy A.
I absolutely love working with Roda Marketing! Not only is their team awesome - they are extremely thorough and intelligent, and I know I am in good hands when trusting them with my company's marketing. Roda is on top of everything and lets us know of the important industry trends (sometimes before they go public) so we are always up-to-date. Their work is also extremely creative and made of the upmost quality. Overall, Roda Marketing is just wonderful to work alongside.
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Kaitlin K. Avatar
Kaitlin K.
Matt Roda and his marketing team have captured exactly what we were hoping for and more! Together we have developed such a wonderful website! They have over exceeded our expectations and we are looking forward to continually working with them going into the future.
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Nathan Y. Avatar
Nathan Y.
Matt and Adam were incredibly professional throughout the entire design process. We were thrilled with the time that Roda Marketing invested in understanding our business and our culture.
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Shawn S. Avatar
Shawn S.
Just went live with our new "mobile-friendly" website, and the folks at Team-Roda really made the difference. The only delay was ME, but they were extremely patient and made the process simple. They also have done a great job with handling our social media outreach along with our SEO efforts. I recommend them without hesitation. Top-notch.
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Bill R. Avatar
Bill R.
Expert advice and very fast follow up to any questions I had. Highly recommend!
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Ken D. Avatar
Ken D.
Matt Roda did an excellent job setting up our firm's website. He always responded promptly and provided a detailed answer to every question.
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Matthew B. Avatar
Matthew B.
We are thrilled with our new website designed by Roda Marketing. It is very user-friendly and easy to navigate.
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Aarons A. Avatar
Aarons A.
RODA Marketing just took our entire business to a new level with the work they put into the Complete Game Academy Website. These guys were on top of their game, but they were extremely patient and absolutely crushed every curve ball we threw at them. Could not have asked for a better Marketing team and I would highly recommend these guys to anyone!
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Keith D. Avatar
Keith D.
Roda just completed our new website for Yingst Engtineers and Associates and did a great, professional job. They were prompt and on top of everything. We went live and no glitches. We continue to work with them on social media and I highly recommend them.
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Steve Y. Avatar
Steve Y.
I don’t know what I would have done if it were not for Adam & Matt taking on my website. I had no idea where to start or what to do. They worked with me on each step, taking the time to guide me through the process and explaining everything in great detail. They are very patient and kind which I truly appreciate. I would give them my ideas and they would make it happen. If I didn’t have any ideas they would give me suggestions. It is a pleasure to work with both of them. Because of them we will be able to rescue and save many dogs, giving them a loving home they deserve.
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Amy S. Avatar
Amy S.
Thanks so much for everything you guys do. You are beyond thorough and it could not show more how much you care about your clients.
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Ryan H. Avatar
Ryan H.
RODA Marketing has proved to be a most valuable asset to our company from web design and maintenance to creation of info graphics and videos!
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George D. Avatar
George D.
What can I say? These guys saved me from a marketing company that was not performing the way they should have been. RODA is a company that treats customers the way it should be done: Quick, responsive, transparent, knowledgeable and have great results! Within 3 MONTHS of using their SEO services, we saw our web traffic increase dramatically! Now, 3+ years later, we have been through so many great times & have grown so much together...we have had them design and develop 3 websites (2 e-commerce & 1 branding) that are stellar to look at and perform well. They have continued their amazing service and team work style attitude throughout the entire process of designing and creating websites that are not only very attractive to look at, but they perform and get great results. And, these guys can be TRUSTED. They never take on another client in the same industry so we can be confident sharing our dreams and future plans that they will remain in confidence. I can probably write a book but to sum it up: if you're looking for a company that you can trust, that is knowledgeable, helpful, gets great results by working hard for you, goes above and beyond what they say they will do and you all have fun doing it, this is your next SEO Marketing & Web Design company!
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Weaver N. Avatar
Weaver N.
RODA marketing has provided Schaefer Wholesale Florist with a revived level of interest from our customers on purchasing from our E-commerce system due to their help in redesigning our previous E-commerce site and their professional SEO teamwork. Thank you for your timely attention and working with SWF as a team. Don S.
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Donald S. Avatar
Donald S.
I have had the pleasure of a complete upgrade of my dental website. I had an initial meeting with RODA marketing and discussed desires for my website. They offered professional advice without being pushy, which is always nice. They responded shortly after our meeting with a list of goals and timeframe for completion. I let RODA marketing put together the website the way they felt it would work best. They exceeded all my goals and the website is amazing. They are easy to work with and respond quickly to any changes. I can't wait to see the results they will get for my business. Thanks again RODA marketing. Dr. Shea Stevens
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Smiles B. Avatar
Smiles B.
Easy to work with. Listened to everything I wanted to get done and figured out a way to get it done. They communicate all the time. Love these guys
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Chris N. Avatar
Chris N.
Roda Marketing recently created an infographic for me to help me explain my business process. Their creativity and responsiveness was second to none and I couldn't be happier with the finished product! I highly recommend Adam and Matthew for your internet marketing needs!
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Andy S. Avatar
Andy S.
Wow! All I can say is Roda Marketing went above and beyond for our small business. We have worked with a few other people who claimed to be in the marketing field, and sadly we did not have good results, so it was hard for us to trust in another company. Roda Marketing took the fear out of trusting in a new marketing company. The very first visit they came prepared with a game plan for our business. We really put Roda Marketing to the test in asking them to re design a new web site and have it up and running in a month. They had no issues completing that task, and kept our business informed during the whole process. I can now say we are the proud owners of a great web site, and are starting to see great results from this. Thank you Roda Marketing Vision Development Center of Lancaster
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Kendall H. Avatar
Kendall H.
I would highly recommend Matt and Adam and the entire staff at RODA marketing. They are extremely knowledgeable and easy to work with. The SEO and long term marketing strategy that they provided our firm will be beneficial for years to come. Thank you RODA marketing!
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Jeremy D. Avatar
Jeremy D.
Roda Marketing has been wonderful to work with and has well exceeded our expectations. Not only is their quality and professionalism outstanding, but we have never worked with a company that was so quick to respond to our questions and/or comments. Their communication is unparalleled. I would not hesitate to recommend Roda Marketing to anyone in need of website design and marketing services.
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Andrew D. Avatar
Andrew D.
Working with them several years now. They do an excellent job and are patient with my lack of time to respond 🙂
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Yevgeny L. Avatar
Yevgeny L.
The Eden Resort & Suites has worked with Roda Marketing for several years now. They are knowledgeable, great at follow through and constantly looking for opportunities to make their service to the hotel more effective. Anyone who believes their business needs a presence in social media, or who is looking to get better ranking organically for their web site, wants more information about how to promote their web site to the world, should contact Roda Marketing today. They offer quality work at reasonable pricing with straight forward talk that even a non tech person can understand.
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Virginia A. Avatar
Virginia A.
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