A Nationally Recognized, Family Owned Internet Marketing Company Based In Lancaster, PA

At our core, we are a small company made up of digital and content marketing veterans with experience in B2B and B2C.

Through our team’s combined Internet Marketing experience, we are positioned to be more than just another vendor. As a group of seasoned consultants, we work together with you to build and execute an efficient Internet Marketing strategy that will help you grow your business.

“RODA marketing has provided Schaefer Wholesale Florist with a revived level of interest from our customers on purchasing from our E-commerce system due to their help in redesigning our previous E-commerce site and their professional SEO teamwork. Thank you for your timely attention and working with SWF as a team.”

– Don Sprenkle | SWFlorist.com

Our Internet Marketing services cover it all, with your website and digital and content marketing being at the core of it. From email to social media, to paid ads, they all have their place when it comes to your online success.


Digital and Content Marketing is Hard. RODA marketing makes it EASY.

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RODA marketing started in 2010 by brothers Matthew and Adam Roda. In 2010, our business was focused solely on SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and was named Affordable SEO Success.

Soon after, the industry started to shift away from one-dimensional SEO practices to newer, more advanced content marketing strategies, and we began to see the need to become more involved with our clients as a comprehensive Internet Marketing Company.

So, in 2011 we realized the old SEO model was outdated and we expanded our services and officially became RODA marketing – a full service Internet Marketing Company.

We customize our plans to fit your company and to help grow your business. Our Internet Marketing Company has been successfully developing and executing marketing campaigns for years by influencing your ideal customers.

We have a commitment to building Ideal Websites and providing other digital and content marketing campaigns for lead generation and business building.

At the end of the day, we know our story isn’t the one that really matters.

What matters the most is the success story we help you create because your success is our success.

 Our Promises To You:

- Every KPI prioritized

- Every goal evaluated

- Every email responded to

- Every meeting attended

- Every great idea presented

- Every piece of data analyzed

- Every budget considered

- Every strategy improved

- Every challenge overcome

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