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The Best 404 Pages On The Internet & Why You Need One

Every now and again, pages get lost and broken on the Internet. Whether someone forgets to add a specific character inside a URL, or a website is totally revamped and a certain page didn’t make the cut for the new website – things that cause 404 pages to exist on websites do happen.

When someone encounters a 404 page on your site, it can either further prove your creativity and attention to detail (see examples below), or it can make your site look like no one really knows what is going on.


If it’s the latter – don’t be surprised if you lose that visitor and hence lose that potential business.

A simple and quick fix is to design a custom 404 page that people will see if and when they come across such a page on your website.

It’s a great way to further showcase your skills and differentiate you from all the other websites out there who neglect this aspect of their website.

Below you will find some of (what we believe are) the best 404 pages out there on the Internet.

When you sign up for a website design and development package with our team, we include a custom 404 page as part of your package. It’s our way of going above and beyond the normal call of duty and delivering as much value to our clients as possible.

Enjoy the examples below – hopefully they will spark some great ideas for you and your team!

If you know of any other great 404 pages that we did not share, please comment below and let us know what we’ve missed – we might include it in our next blog post with full credit to you.  Thank you!






























And our very own:

Screen Shot 2014-09-08 at 3.34.53 PM



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