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How Blogs Can Benefit Your Business TODAY

Can Blogs Benefit Your Business?  This Should Not Even Be A Question! 

We leave in a digital era, and so many things in our lives take place in a virtual realm.

In today’s digital landscape, and especially if you have a business that you wish to survive and flourish – you better be up to speed.

People visit dozens of websites each day; the question is – how do you ensure they visit YOUR site and engage with it?  Next, how do you ensure this happens regularly, and not just as one-off occurrences?

Although many things factor in, there are some universal truths as to how to help increase your website’s traffic, time customers spend on your site (which also means lower the bounce rate), and boost your SEO rankings.

So, what is one thing that is relatively simple to implement, and can improve your rankings and add value to your business?

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Having a blog on your website has become a must in today’s online world.

The search engines and their ranking algorithms love content that’s rich and engaging.

But, it goes beyond SEO: customers seek more information and education about products and services, and businesses better embrace this game!

What can you do?  Run a curated blog.

Here are some points to help you create a good quality curated blog, and why it’s becoming a necessity:

1.  Find good content to share.  Beware of flooding your audience with too much content though, especially if it lacks relevance and fails to provide value.  So, pick and choose the best content you can find on the web, and have a clear message of why you believe it’s worth sharing.  A good karma reminder: Always remember to quote the source and give photo credits.

2.  Sharing good, useful information for free with your customers will satisfy their need for knowledge, and make you a great source for future reference.  Provide answers to “how-to” questions that your customers regularly ask, or provide your opinion on hot issues in your industry and how they’ll affect your customers.

3.  Keeping your readers entertained – well we all know the importance of that!  Writing about why you are the best, for instance, is anything but entertaining; there’s a different time and place for that.  Strive to add value: provide fresh and useful content that’s also educating, engaging, and exciting.  Now that’s what elevates the ordinary blog!

4.  Every form of successful advertising features calls to action.  You can incorporate this into your blog by having a button that asks readers to subscribe to your newsletter or a small paragraph within your post reminding them about your company’s services or products.  If your blog also has calls to action and great designs, it can certainly be a powerful conversion tool for your business.

5.  While the content plays a big role in a blog, images can make it golden.  Go for captivating images, such as those that immediately invoke emotional or mental response.

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6.  Finally, the blog post title!  A blog is judged immediately by its title, as well as its image.  Usually, lists, questions and teases will cause customers to click on your post.  So do make sure that your headlines are catchy and compelling, giving readers a good sneak peek of what’s in there!

Yes, creating a great blog requires effort and time.  But rest assured knowing that to invest your efforts and time in blogging for your business is one of the most impactful and cost effective things that you could do with that time.  Also, the more time you spend on posting and responding to comments, the more benefits your blogs will yield.

Happy blogging!

And if blogging is definitely not your forte – seek out a professional blogger and let them add value to your online business!  Contact RODA marketing today and learn about blogging and other online marketing services they provide:


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