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Free Tools That Can Make Your Day Better

People love apps. Our phones are full of them, our computers too. Some of them are useful, some of them simply fun. Here are some cool apps that are free and can help us save time and money, work faster, and even make our day a little better.


Buffer is the easiest way to publish on social media. This app will save you time and allow you to share socially – without skipping a beat and without annoying people with an overload of updates.

Buffer will let you schedule your social media updates. It uses its algorithm to decide what time is best to schedule those updates. That means you can share freely, knowing that Buffer has got you covered without overwhelming your followers in the process.

Buffer is also one of the few services that has coverage available, which is a bonus for those using that service to share.


Do you like to shop online and save some money? Use Honey.

Honey is a Google Chrome extension that finds coupon codes when you’re shopping online. It works with over 100 sites including Amazon, Best Buy, CVS, Gap, Macy’s, NewEgg, and many more.


Instead of searching for coupon codes manually, Honey does all the work for you – so you can save money while shopping online.

Kindle Reading App

If you don’t have a Kindle, worry not, you can still enjoy Kindle books.

Read Kindle books on your computer, tablet, or mobile phone with Kindle reading apps. You can download a Kindle reading app for free, and read it on any device with the Kindle app installed.

With Amazon’s Whispersync technology, you can do even more: automatically save and synchronize your furthest page read, bookmarks, notes, and highlights across all your devices.  That means you can start reading a book on one device, and pick up where you left off on another device.

You can also switch between reading and listening to your Kindle books.  If you have the audio companion, you can keep the story going while you’re commuting, cooking, gardening – any time you can’t read but are free to listen.

Lidija_RM_August_Pic2 (1)

Read thousands of free books with a Kindle app.  Go into your local library to check out an eBook, and have it delivered wirelessly to your Kindle app.

Also, you can adjust a book’s text size to your desired comfort level for easier reading.

Alfred App

If you are a Mac user, Alfred is your ultimate productivity tool.  It will help you easily search your computer – and fast, open up different programs, set up hotkeys, etc.

In essence, it will make you a Mac super-user.

 Screen Shot 2014-08-11 at 9.23.44 AM

These are just some of many free tools to save the day or make your day.

What’s your favorite web app?


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