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Going Mobile – Check Out Some Of Our Recently Completed Projects

In today’s dynamic world, technology keeps rapidly changing and advancing, the world has been reduced to a global village, and more doors are opening up for businesses to prosper and grow.

And, trends towards more advanced and sophisticated websites continue.

With the new trends in the virtual world, the importance of a mobile friendly site has become so evident and prevalent that it’s not a matter of should a business have one – but how swiftly can a business get there!

RODA marketing mobile friendly websites

If you haven’t converted yet, do not panic – we can expertly do it for you. It’s better to join the movement late than never, and start enjoying the advantages and opportunities a mobile site will deliver to you.

At RODA marketing, we help you generate qualified traffic via strategic social media, blogging, infographics and more – leading to more sales for you!

Now, all those techniques are not nearly as successful if we send people to a website that is not mobile friendly, user friendly, and lacks call to actions, to name a few key elements missing from an ideal website.

This is where we come in, with our experience, proficiency and passion for delivering value and results to our clients.

Before we implement any long term marketing campaign for a client, we ensure that their website has what it takes – mobile friendly, valuable content, easy forms to fill in, contact details, social sharing, etc.

As part of our efforts, we make sure the websites we work on will provide features that allow current and future clients to have an easy time using their site on mobile devices.

Why is it so important to have a mobile friendly website?

It’s estimated that the number of consumers who surf mostly via their mobile devices is expected to increase from 174 million to 265 million from 2012 to 2016. Also, market observers are finding that more than 50% of people are expected to shop or select a service using their mobile device within the next three years.

Here’s the reality though: not all websites are well designed to support a quality shopping or service providing experience for their current or potential clients using smart phones or tablets. What’s needed is a responsive website, otherwise businesses are likely to see poor conversion rates for mobile users.

Here’s more noteworthy data to illustrate our digital world: more than 80% of people nowadays use their smartphone to perform Internet searches, and about 61% of users will leave your site right away if it’s not responsive and user friendly.

Now, where do those consumers go? Typically, they move on to a competitor’s site, and an estimated 67% of them are more likely to use a service or make a purchase if they have an overall positive experience with a mobile website.

In addition to being responsive, a quality website nowadays should also have other high-tech features. Since every revenue source is relevant for your business, being able to provide customers and potential clients with the “click and call” feature is a very important factor in converting your site visitors into clients.

We recently successfully completed several projects where we focused on a brand update for our clients to reflect their professionalism and high quality services while integrating their technological advancement and innovations in today’s market.

Our client Bowers & Lobeck Inc. is very proud of their kitchen designs selections, so we wanted to make sure it’s easy for them showcase their beautiful galleries on mobile devices and tablets and provide inspiration for custom kitchens and custom cabinets.

RODA marketing Bowers & Lobeck

Also, having a contact form on home page allows for easy and quick contact to take place, something that’s increasingly important in today’s busy world.

For our clients,, and, we implemented this feature, as well as many others to enhance and improve the usability and overall client experience, as well as conversion.

Another crucial aspect of brand recognition and brand reputation is social sharing, and we make sure a well thought out strategy is implemented for our clients.

At RODA marketing, we have a high understanding that Internet marketing efforts should take the social media landscape into consideration, and that social media users need to have an easy and effective experience of accessing our clients’ sites through mobile devices and from their social media accounts.

What’s more, through creative planning and adept implementation, the aspects of Internet marketing we discussed can actually be achieved with less investment than would be needed for traditional media outlets. And, being able to target potential clients more precisely and quickly proves invaluable for a business with online presence.

Finally, even if your target market is older generations, rest assured that this demographic is one of the fastest growing mobile device users.

We invite you to check out our recently completed projects, and get in touch with us to see how we can take your business to new heights:


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