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How To Find Images On Google You Can Reuse

Using at least one captivating image in your blog and social media posts is almost a given.  One of the benefits of using an image is to capture the attention of viewers scrolling through their newsfeed quickly – or glancing over a blog post before they begin to read it.

Finding the perfect image to use, which does not violate any copyright laws – resulting in receiving the dreaded letter from Getty images claiming you owe them thousands of dollars – is often difficult, or just a task in itself.

There are a number of websites out there that provide images which are free to use and that don’t infringe on any copyright laws.  However, sometimes it’s a hassle checking out each of those sites (even if they do offer a ‘search’ feature) to find what you are looking for.

Google Images “Advanced Search” offers a way to search through Google images, so that the search results only show images that are free to use. Follow the steps below to set your search up for these safe images.

Step 1

Enter your search term in Google “Images”


Step 2

Click on the gear in the top right of the page, and select ‘Advanced Search’:


Step 3

Scroll down until you locate the option for ‘usage rights’ in the drop down menu, then choose the option for ‘free to use or share, even commercially’.


Step 4

Click the “Advanced Search” button.

The remaining images are free to use without copyright infringements.


And just like that, you’ve eliminated worry and extra time spent on searching for the safe images!


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