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Information Overload – Sometimes Perspective Can Make a Difference

Most of us are constantly bombarded with daily information.  Have you ever sat back and processed the amount of information that we receive?


Would you believe us if we told you that the amount of information dumped on the average social network user includes 54,000 words – the average length of a novel; and 443 minutes of video, which is equivalent to 4 of the Star Wars movies.


Can you imagine that?

When we get lost in the content that we come across in social media, before we know it, almost an entire workday has passed. created an infograph that puts into perspective the amount of information that is dumped on us daily.

So next time you ‘get lost’ in article after article, or cat video after cat video, ask yourself:

“Would I rather take part in 48 sex acts, or keep my phone/computer/tablet open?




Source of infographic:


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