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Lancaster PA Dentists – Here’s Some Free Advice On How To Get More Patients

Lancaster PA dentists, are you satisfied with the amount of patients you currently have?  Are your schedules booked solid for the next few months?  Are you content with where your business is headed in the next 5 to 10 years? If you answered ‘yes’ to all these questions, the following advice may not be for you.

Now, if you are looking to gain new clients, and understand there is always room to improve and strengthen your company, read through the 5 pieces of free advice below, and contact us with any questions or help needed. 


  1. Have a high converting website – turn more visitors into customers

It’s 2015, if you don’t have a high converting website, or a website in general (eek!), it’s time to make a change.  If you’re getting a few thousand visits per month to your current website and converting at, let’s say, 1%, by simply updating your website to convert better you can achieve a conversion rate of 3% or higher.  That’s a 300% increase in customers, ‘overnight!’ Going from 10 new clients per month (through your website) to 30 new clients per month will very quickly pay for the new website investment.


  1. Have a strong search engine optimization (SEO) program in place

Now that your site is converting at its highest potential, you want to send more targeted traffic to your site.  What better way to do that than taking advantage of the 100s, sometimes 1000s of people each month searching for a ‘Lancaster PA dentist’?  Quick answer: there is no better way! With a solid SEO program in place, you can show up for multiple different terms in the search engines, like ‘Lancaster PA dentist’, ‘family dentist in Lancaster PA’, ‘general dentists of Lancaster PA’, etc.  Imagine if all the people who searched those terms (and more) each month found your site near the top – huge increases!


  1. Have a strong social media presence

Your site is redesigned and converting well, visitors are finding you through the search engine all day, every day.  What else can you take advantage of that tens of thousands of people in Lancaster PA are using each day?  You guessed it, Facebook.  Whether or not everyone will admit it, they check Facebook multiple times per day.  Did you have a cancellation in your office for today?  Post about the opening on Facebook, you’ll probably have it filled by lunch.  Have a slow month coming up and want to fill your schedule?  Offer a special on Facebook, you’ll be booked by the end of the week.  You see where this is going?  Reach people quicker and easier than ever through social media – target your audience where they spend most of their time each day.


  1. Have people leave reviews, often

Do you do any shopping online?  If so, odds are you read reviews of people who have already purchased to see if their expectations were met.  Same thing holds true, sometimes truer, when you are researching a service, such as a Lancaster PA dentist.  How do you get people to leave reviews?  You make it easy for them to do so, but never ‘pressure’ them to do so.  One easy way would be to create branded cards that you leave at your front desk that let people know what sites they are able to leave reviews on, as well as quick instructions how to leave a review.  This idea may turn some people off because of the fear of getting bad reviews, however as long as you are running your business ethically, and paying attention to your customer service at all times, the good will greatly outweigh the bad.


  1. Have branded free products to give to patients

Now that your online presence is set, new website, SEO in place, strong social media presence, and reviews being left all over the internet, let’s talk a little about ‘offline marketing’.  Your best ambassadors are your current patients, so make it easy for them to start the conversation with their friends and family.  Hand out branded gum (sugarless, of course!), chap stick, mints, etc. to your patients after each cleaning.  Think of how many times you’ve asked someone ‘Do you have any mints/gum?’  This is a perfect time for your friend to hand them your branded product, which will start the conversation about your dental office. Brilliant, right?


  1. Have a referral program in place

You already have a solid patient base, but more patients are always welcomed.  As stated in point 5, your current patients are your best ambassadors.  Create a simple referral program (no one likes confusing programs) where each new friend they bring in gives them, and their friend(s), $25 off their next cleaning.  Referral programs are a great way to get first time patients, then it’s your job to keep them coming back!


At RODA marketing, these are just a few of the initial ideas we wanted to share with all the Lancaster PA dentists out there.

Doing a quick Google search for ‘Lancaster PA Dentists’, we can see there is a HUGE opportunity for someone to dominate this market.

Most sites are not responsive, most offices are not on social media, and most do not have a solid SEO program in place.

If you want to be that office which stands head and shoulders above the rest, contact us today.

We will only help one Lancaster PA dentist, so don’t wait – your competition is reading this blog too!


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