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Say Goodbye To Your Marketing Manager Once And For All

Did you know the average salary for a Marketing Manager is just over $59,000 per year (according to

That’s for one person, with limited, at least to a certain degree, knowledge and expertise.

Whatever you do, do not throw away another dime before considering the following.

If you hire the right virtual marketing team (from inside the United States, of course), you can get about 10x the productivity, compared to a single person acting as your Marketing Manager, for about 1/3 of the price.

Yes, you read that right!

Why would anyone choose to hire one individual, spend over $59,000 for the year when you can work with a marketing team such as ours for as little as $18,000 for the year?  That’s about 66% more cost effective.


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Below are the benefits of hiring the right virtual marketing team, as opposed to a single Marketing Manager:


  1. No need for benefits
  2. No need for insurance
  3. No in house training required
  4. No need to have extra office space, buy a new office desk and chair
  5. Expertise and productivity of 6 teammates, each with a specialty
  6. About 66% more cost effective
  7. No possibility of employees’ leaving/turnover
  8. You keep doing what you do best



In some cases, it is great to hire an assistant for your business.  Someone who can handle multiple roles; answer phone calls, respond to emails, schedule your calendar and more.

This is where it gets interesting – in addition to handling the administrative tasks for you, your assistant can also serve as the perfect connector for your marketing efforts.

For certain aspects of your marketing, it will be great to have someone in house.  Your assistant can, basically, serve as that perfect connector.

For some of our social media strategies, we would like you or your assistant to take photos of your team, office, etc., to showcase your world at work.

An assistant is also more keenly aware of daily events/happenings that may be worth sharing socially – we will work with your assistant on a consistent schedule to ensure you achieve the best results possible.


For most businesses, online is a great place to help grow your business.  However, things change fast online.

You need a team that is up to date with the latest results driven strategies and can deliver month after month.

That’s exactly what we have been doing for businesses like yours for the past five + years.

Whatever you do, do not spend $59,000 + per year on a single Marketing Manager – give us a call for a 30-60 minute chat and let’s start this conversation.

Give our team a chance to serve you better.

888.653.0331 or email [email protected].


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