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The Many Perspectives Of Instagram

If you are on Instagram, there are definitely pictures you’re guilty of posting.   With 20 filters to choose from, we’ve all become professional photographers overnight.  No need to deny it, we are all guilty of posting at least one of the following types of pictures:




Whether we are out with friends or whipping up a dish at home for the first time, we need to show off what we’re eating.  Who doesn’t want to see how perfect our order of eggs benedict came out?  Did you make your own granola to snack on? No one believes you until you document it with a photo.




At least this picture proves that we spend time outside.  I was up early enough to check out the sunrise, were you?  No problem if you haven’t, here’s today’s version.  #Nofilter




Babies are cute, and do cute things, right?  No, babies are boring and just lay there.  But, not your baby.  Yours is perfect, and everyone not only needs to witness but they also WANT to see him or her.




Have you ever had that day where you pick the most perfect outfit and hope to run into everyone you know?  Those seem to be the days where you see NO ONE.  A waste of the perfect outfit.  Thankfully, the #OOTD (outfit of the day) is a thing on Instagram.  No more wasted days.  Now everyone can see you.  And better yet, ‘Like’ and Comment on how great you look.




Clearly the world loves you as much as you love yourself.   Why wouldn’t they want a picture of your face?.  Once a day.  Everyday.




Dogs, cats, bunnies, horses, iguanas.   If you are a pet parent, your Instagram followers know it.  Now that Instagram lets you take videos, you get to see Fido fetch, rollover, play dead, or whatever other fancy trick he learned this week.



cute animals

Baby Animals

Enough said.


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