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This One Secret Helped Us Build A Six Figure Company In Year Two

We live in a fast-paced, fast-evolving digital world, where almost everything is a tap, click, or swipe away.

Technology is a part of every aspect of our life, and we have learned to rely on it and use it for everything from buying new curtains online from the comfort of our bed, to booking a flight while sipping a drink by the pool, to reading opinions, reviews and complaints about pretty much every business, product and service.

It’s vital for businesses to become and stay technologically savvy, while they provide more than just a product or service, but also personalized experience to set them apart from the competition.

At RODA marketing we understand the fabric of today’s digital world, as well as the importance of providing quality of overall experience and service, so when you work with us we treat you like family and create real partnerships.

In addition to cultivating dedication and passion for what we do, one of the things that we take great pride in is – responsiveness.


From the very first day we started our business, our focus and goal has always been same day or next business day responses to all phone calls and emails. Six years later, we can proudly say we have hit this goal day after day, throughout the years.

We respect your time and value the trust you place in us, so we make a promise to respond to your email or phone call within 1-2 business days, whether you’re a current, new, or potential client, and we stay committed and deliver what we promised.

Our clients continue to express how much they appreciate this, and how our same day or next business day response is one of a kind, as many have, unfortunately, had not such positive experiences when working with other Internet marketing companies.

At RODA marketing, we understand the importance of providing reporting to our clients, and we make sure we send our reports in a timely manner and conduct consultations as often as needed.

You get to work directly with the owners of the company, as we are involved in every step of the process and dedicated to keeping you updated on all phases of the project and ensure things are done to our high standards.

Now, in today’s high speed digital world, it’s crucial to stay on top of creating and promoting content that showcases your company’s service, products, knowledge, experience and achievements. And, a bit of humor, creativity, or whatever else can add to the personalized quality you want your clients to experience – which is where social media comes in very handy!

So, we take steps to share your posts and blogs on social media on time, and to quickly respond to customer reviews, questions and comments.

It’s becoming increasingly evident that it’s not only important but also necessary for businesses to have a web presence that keeps user experience in mind.

A user-friendly site that focuses on what the user wants and needs is a must for success – which is why we are very quick to implement all time sensitive website updates for our clients.

To meet your specific business goals, we work with you on having a strategy to get your content, your brand and your message out to the world, and to perform changes and adapt as needed.



So, we seek and explore the latest trends and make efforts to be ahead of the curve on what’s working now and what will work next – with newest platforms, technological advances, Internet marketing innovations, etc.

The RODA marketing team is founded and led by two brothers, Matt and Adam Roda – and from the moment you join our family, our teams start a professional journey of collaboration to deliver value and results to your business.

Our enthusiastic Lancaster, PA team is dedicated to helping you generate qualified traffic utilizing our knowledge, experience, and effective strategies that include SEO, social media, blogging, infographics and more – leading to more sales for you!

At RODA marketing, we live and breathe all things relevant to Internet marketing; digital marketing, SEO, and web design, and understand the importance of brand recognition and brand reputation of our clients.

As your Internet marketing company, we take strategic steps to increase your company’s relevance and effectiveness online, while echoing your brand and quality services or products across all media.

We invite you to get to know us and what we docheck out our portfolio and contact us to see how together and with top level internet marketing, digital marketing, SEO, and/or web design we can take your business to higher levels of success.


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