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True Life: Pinterest IS Addicting

Most of us who have experienced the phenomenon known as ‘Pinterest’ have also experienced the feeling that you can do it all.  Even if you haven’t been to a carpenter school, that’s not a problem – you can still make that built–in breakfast nook you’ve been dying for!

After browsing through Pinterest, we all have the feeling that we can accomplish anything.  From Master Chef, to Interior Decorator, there is no denying we are closer to becoming Emeril or Martha Stewart at the end of a good Pinterest session.

We Pin and Pin, Like, and Comment, but how often do we turn our Pinterest dreams into realities?  It happens, but probably not as often as our Pinterest Boards wish. Some of us honestly spend more time ON Pinterest than carrying out the ideas we find on that amazing website.

Before we know it, Pinterest our new best friend.  But what makes Pinterest so addictive?

Well, pretty much everything about it.

This infograph from Flowtown really paints a clear picture of how and why Pinterest is so addictive.

This doesn’t mean we are going to hang out on Pinterest any less – but it does give you a pretty cool Infograph to Pin onto your board titled “Infograph”.

Don’t deny it, we know most of you have one.


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