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5 Posts To Share on Facebook

If you are a business posting to Facebook, do your followers a favor and break free from the monotonous.

Although sharing information on your product or service is good to do, don’t forget to keep your fans engaged. Sharing fun, creative, out of the box content will keep them coming back for more.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

1.) Share a Selfie

Selfies are everywhere. Put a twist on it though! For instance, if you sell clothing, try something on; if you sell food, make sure to include your delicious options in the picture. Group selfies are also fun to share – how many people can you fit in one picture? Ellen DeGeneres’s group selfie at the Oscar’s became the most retweeted tweet in the matter of hours. The possibilities are endless when you think about what you can include.

2.) Take Your Fans Behind the Scenes

Have you ever wondered how something is done? Maybe your followers wonder the same thing about your company. Don’t be shy; show off your office and employees! Share a poster you walk by everyday in the office. If there is a group of people working on a project, snap a photo and post it. Do you have a fun break room? Do you have a view that you can’t get enough of? These are all great ways to connect to your followers.

3.) Caption This Photo

Stick with something that is relevant to your industry, but other than that, pick any picture! If you see a silly photo, share it. Maybe you even caught two co-workers doing something out of the ordinary (playing a game of chess on break; spotting one another on a ladder, etc.)? Share it, and ask your followers to caption it. You would be surprised at the amount of creativity there is out there! Just remember to keep it PC!

4.) Quotes

Inspirational, funny, encouraging, comforting quotes – whatever you are feeling that day. If you choose to do a quote, keep it related to your industry. If you find the right one, it can become very engaging through likes, comments, and shares. As an extra bonus, include a quick sentence with a question, or let everyone know why you shared that particular quote.

5.) Your Own, Original Content

We, of course, want to pass along our product or service information to our followers. In order to get them to continue to share it, make it original. Look at it from the outside; if you came across this, would you share it with your own Facebook friends? An idea to do this well is to take your product and show it in an out of the box way; share a picture of how it is useful in everyday life rather than in front of a white background.
Not all of the above ideas will work in every industry, so take a look at your own and determine what will and won’t work for you.

Are there any specific types of posts you have found to be very engaging?

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