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6 (Mostly) FREE Ways We Grew Our Business

RODA marketing started as a small SEO company back in 2010.  Over the years and after a lot of dedication and hard work, our business has grown significantly.  Learn from us firsthand how we successfully grew our business (and continue to grow) and see how we can help your company grow and prosper. 

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Great Customer Service

Since starting our business 11 years ago, we have always gone the extra mile to best serve our clients.  We respect our clients’ time and pride ourselves on our responsiveness to their phone calls and emails.  From day one, we made it a company policy to respond within one to two days maximum.  Your customers and clients will remember positive experiences working with your business.  Happy customers lead to positive reviews and business referrals. 

Loyal Customer Relationships

Part of great customer service is taking good care of your customers – both new and old.  Here at RODA marketing, we make it a point to create a family-like atmosphere with all of our clients.  We not only want to help promote their business using a variety of proven and effective internet marketing services, but genuinely care about our clients.  Make it a point to make your loyal customers feel loved and well cared for as well.  Send out e-newsletters to keep them informed, special promotions, handwritten thank you notes (yep, we do that too on a regular basis!) and any other personalized communication to nurture that healthy working relationship.

Quality Employees & Clients

Whether you’re a large corporate business or a family-run small business like us, who you choose to be part of your company is SO important.  Build an effective team of employees who are proud to work for you and represent what your business stands for.  In order to allow your business to prosper, you need to motivate your employees to work hard by giving them a sense of purpose.  Create team-building activities to promote collaboration and frequently check in with your employees to make sure they are getting what they need to be a successful part of your team.  It’s also important to be proud of who you work for – RODA marketing is grateful for all of our clients and the relationships we have built with them over the years. 

Attend Networking Groups & Events

Sometimes it is hard to get out of your comfort zone.  We know this very well – but are so glad that we chose to step out of ours to help grow our business.  RODA marketing’s team continuously attends various networking groups and events to help get our name and what we do out there.  We have successfully extended our network, built relationships with many other businesses and received numerous referrals which have turned into great clients.  You can also help to build brand awareness at networking events.  Utilize networking groups (or even virtual events or LinkedIn) to find employees, customers and even potential investors.  Remember this saying: “it’s not what you know, but WHO you know.”

Maximize the Use of Social Media

We can’t stress the importance of using social media to your advantage enough!  Active social engagement is an easy way to stay top of mind to your customers.  By utilizing the power of social media, you can reach hundreds upon thousands of people at once.  Through working with a trusted marketing team, we will help you identify important keywords and trends that pertain to your business.  Something we focus on and highly suggest to our clients is to frequently use Call To Action (CTA) phrases to directly tell the customer/client what they should do next when visiting your website (i.e., “Sign Up,” “Schedule a Discovery Call,” etc.).  We invite you to link arms with RODA marketing to help you reach a wide audience and promote your products/services. 

Measure What Works & Refine as Needed

It’s important to take notice of where your customers are coming from in order to see if your current marketing strategies are effective.  Personally, we ask all inquiring clients how they heard about us/who referred them to our business.  This makes for a great conversation starter and helps us solidify which marketing campaigns are the most effective.  Shift your focus on activities that are giving you the best results and be open to refining your approach if needed.  We use Google Analytics, social media reports and Google Insights reports (among others) to help provide data to see what works and what doesn’t.  Lastly, pay attention to reputation management to help grow your business.  Here at RODA marketing, we know how important online reviews can be for your business.  Managing your online reputation is vital to your business’ success.

RODA marketing Can Help Grow Your Business!

Now that you know the “secrets” of how we continue to grow our business, what are you waiting for?  Contact us today at 888.653.0331 to see how our successful family-run business can help your company succeed. 

From SEO to email campaigns, social media to blogging, website development to paid ads; our internet marketing services cover it all.  We are eager to hear from you soon to see how we can help your business grow.

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