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8 Completely Free Hacks Guaranteed To Make You Better At Business

Whether you are about to start your first business or you are a seasoned entrepreneur with one or more successful businesses already under your belt, you should already know how important it is to keep learning and growing.

Also, if you’re an employee inside a company and you want to ensure you:  A. keep your position, and B. give yourself a chance to move up – you, too, know the importance of continued learning.

“Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.”  ― Socrates

Below are 8 Hacks, Which If Applied Daily Are Guaranteed To Make You Better At Business (and better at life in general, too!).

None of them require a bunch of time, or energy.  And best of all, they’re completely FREE!


1.  LISTEN – very few attributes are as powerful as the ability to listen, and listen well.  It’s not just about keeping your mouth shut for the time being – it’s about completely immersing yourself in whatever the other person is saying.

2.  RESPONSIVENESS – communicating with people in a timely manner is an excellent way to show them you value their time and energy.  Allowing too much time to pass between communications gives the impression of less significance and importance.

3. ETHICS – doing what’s right even if no one is looking.  It’s not taking the shortcut because you know leaving out certain data can impact future results.  It’s taking a few extra minutes to explain things properly to someone who is confused, etc.

4. STAY CALM – be quick to remind yourself: “this too shall pass.”  Certain situations can drain our energy and can get us worked up.  During these moments, it’s critical to take a few deep breaths and remind yourself to simply be and do your best.

5.  DO YOUR BEST – everything falls into place when you are genuinely doing your best.  The universe supports people who take consistent action and put their heart and soul, with good intent, into whatever it is they are doing.  Failed?  Try again and do your best.

6.  BE PASSIONATE – it’s really hard to do your best each day if you are not completely passionate about your tasks/responsibilities/etc.  Find something you absolutely love doing and then spend your time doing it.   Your soul will thank you.

7.  EYE CONTACT – a.k.a. undivided attention.  When speaking with someone, make and keep eye contact.  Ever find yourself speaking to someone who checks his or her phone, or watches everything around you but not YOU!  You’re right – it’s not fun!

8.  HELP OTHERS – make it your purpose to help others and you will be rewarded with unforeseen benefits.  It’s amazing to watch people who dedicate their time and efforts to helping others succeed and in the process become a success themselves.

These 8 strategies are by no means a complete list of things to do once and be done with it.

Instead, they are a set of standards and ideals that you should do your best to achieve on a regular, daily, basis, because the more you make these part of who you are – your essence – the bigger chance you have at succeeding with whatever you choose to spend your time and effort doing.  Make them your habit!

If you want to be the best at whatever you do, whatever business you are in, YOU MUST KEEP LEARNING.  And, once you have learned something new, it’s extremely important to go put it into practice. Then teach someone else. Rinse and Repeat.

What characteristics or traits do you believe people need to continue to grow and prosper in life?

We would love to hear your feedback!  Share in the comments below.

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