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Want To Be A Superhero? Spend The First 21 Minutes Of Your Day Doing These 4 Things.

Maybe you’re a mom; maybe you’re a dad. Maybe you’re a single gal or guy, full time-employee or freelancer. Or, maybe you run your own business, or multiple businesses.

No matter where you are in life currently or what you’re doing – it’s usually the case that we all want to be a little “more”, a little “further”, than we currently are.

More attentive to our kids or spouse, more focused at work, or perhaps more determined to keep going and never give up.

Whatever it is you are striving to achieve, you need a clear plan of action to accomplish this.

NO, we’re not talking about a 10-page PowerPoint presentation, or a detailed 6-month plan.

Instead, we’re talking about something a lot more doable. Something that can be accomplished every day before you even officially “start your day.”

We’re talking about how you spend your first waking moments.

Plenty of research indicates the importance of a strong, balanced morning.

Not rushing right from your bed to grab your keys and out the door you go. Not forgetting to eat breakfast because you “don’t have time.”

If you spend the first 21 minutes of each day doing these 4 things, it will directly and indirectly allow you to peacefully achieve more of your goals and you’ll become the SUPERHERO you always wanted to be.


Do these 4 things in 21 minutes each day to be a SUPERHERO.

A superhero for your kids, a superhero for your boss, or a superhero for your business and more.


Meditate: 10 minutes

There’s one sure fire way NOT to be a superhero to the people around you and that is to overreact and lose your cool.

Ever yelled when you know you shouldn’t? Ever said something to someone you wish you hadn’t? These are all mistakes that can be controlled and fixed when you have more control over your mind and presence.

Meditation helps bring you back into the now, where life is beautiful and you have plenty to be grateful for. Meditation calms the nerves and slows down the mind, so you can make better decisions and react to circumstances differently, now with more calmness.

When you approach a situation with a calm, well-balanced energy and you’re able to keep your cool, people will appreciate your positivity and will respect you more as well as resonate with you.

Take 10 minutes each day to sit quietly in a peaceful location. Do your best to free your mind of any thought and as thoughts arise keep reminding yourself that a calm mind makes sound decisions.


Stretch: 5 minutes

Many of our daily routines require us to be in the same position for hours at a time. Whether standing or sitting at work, or performing the same physical task day in and day out.

Our bodies can negatively adjust to these demands; so often we feel pain in our backs, necks, legs, feet, etc. When your body hurts, you’re not feeling your best. When you’re not feeling your best, it’s easy to not be the happiest you. And when you’re not the happiest you possible, it affects your life and others feel it.

For many people, it’s easy to find excuses as to why it’s OK to not be in a great mood, why it’s OK to treat someone with anything less than absolute respect, etc. These negative emotions are penned up inside your body and the cycle continues.

Stretching in the morning for 5 minutes can help blood flow and increase circulation.

It is a great way to release any negative energies and emotions you might be carrying around. With a more limber, agile and happy body, you can embrace the day and your life with more zest and zeal.


Set Intention(s)/Write Goals: 3 minutes

How easy is it for the day to get away from us? We wake up and have a certain expectation of what will unfold, what we’ll do, etc. Then, something happens and before you know it your entire day is “thrown off” and your plans have completely changed.

While this is acceptable and you need to remain flexible, it’s also important to prioritize your most important tasks and ensure they get accomplished.

Getting distracted by emails is not a reason for not following up with your most important leads. A crying baby is not a reason for not showing your child love and care. You get the point.

When you take the time each morning to intentionally set your day and write down your most important activities and tasks (spend quality time with a loved one, finish an important project, etc.), it becomes much easier to hold yourself accountable to completing them.

If not, you operate at the whim of “what’s next” inviting failure as opposed to focus to achieve your life’s most important tasks and goals.

Sit down each morning, think deeply about what’s most important to you and then write those few things down. At the end of the day, visit again and see how much progress you have made!


Eat A Piece Of Fruit: 3 minutes

Give your body something nutritious to kick start a healthy, positive day. DO NOT skip breakfast (your brain needs the food) and DO NOT eat unhealthy, sugar filled meals (your personal power depends on it) – rather, provide fresh, energy inducing food to your body.

IMPORTANT: during your meditation, stretching and intention setting – pay ATTETNION TO YOUR BREATHING. Controlled, deep breaths are one of life’s great elixirs. Then, throughout the day, revisit your breathing often and see if you can bring in more peace, more balance, more joy with each breath.


Here at RODA marketing, we love this advice/routine = lifestyle, because it helps us run our successful digital and content marketing agency in Lancaster PA, and enjoy our life, in general.

This is for anyone, doing anything!

Achieve a calm mind (meditation), a calm body (stretching) and strong energy and presence (fruit and intentions) and you can be a SUPERHERO to the people in your life.


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