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A BIG Twitter Mistake To Avoid


RODA marketing what not to do


It makes our lives so much easier in so many ways.  But, unfortunately, it can also complicate so many things.

In our ever-expanding quest to figure out that happy middle ground … the one where technology and real human element and connections exist peacefully – along the way some of us get lost.

So we’ll start with a clear example on how NOT TO USE technology, specifically Twitter in this instance.

Our goal is not to call anyone out but instead to give others an insight on how to do something differently, and we’d argue, BETTER.

Take a look at this “message.”  We followed the user above on Twitter and “got excited” when we received a Direct Message back from them.

The name of this Twitter user has been blocked, but we felt the message was worth sharing.


Does it feel personal?  NOPE.  Does it deliver any type of value?  NOPE.

Does it feel like spam?  YES.  Do we want to continue following this user? Again, NO.

We are not a big advocate of automated responses for certain aspects of marketing:  and we are not a fan of using Twitter Direct Messaging in this manner and for those purposes.

Whether our “we are not a big advocate of automated responses for certain aspects of marketing” strategy is “right” or “wrong,” well, that could be the solid ground for a future debate/argument.

We simply believe that if you are going to use certain types of technology in your personal or marketing efforts, please make it sincere, ethical and worthy of the time of your user who is reading it.

Above is a perfect example of “what not to say.”

Have you come across any crazy Direct Messages that blew you away for better or worse?

Share them in the comments below!

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