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There Is No Such Thing As A Small Decision

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RODA marketing no such thing as small decisions

Ever noticed how it’s the smallest and, sometimes what should be the easiest, decisions to make that trip us up at times?

That was a trick question, and by the time you finish reading this, you’ll see why.


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The decision to wake up at a certain time to get something done…  Or, the decision to eat that healthy piece of fruit instead of that processed piece of food…  Or, how to respond to that client email…

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You know, those tricky little decisions we have to make every day…

The ones we make each day feeling like it “makes no difference”; or, the ones in which it feels like nobody knows or cares because no one seems to be around?

Well, WAKE UP!!

Next time you think about taking the easy way out because “it’s just one decision” or “no one will know” – understand this: as part of a collective consciousness, your decisions, all of them, affect us all – especially your future self.

Challenge yourself daily to live and play “outside your own box” and be active in new, healthy ways.   Make a positive decision today and turn that into a habit!


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