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One of my Favorite Books: The Four Agreements

There are a few books I’ve read over the past few years that have powerfully impacted my life.

I’m talking about major shifts in the way I view myself, view others, view my relationships with others, opportunities available, etc.

There is a full spectrum of wisdom and knowledge out there, inside books, waiting for people to digest, to understand, and ultimately to put into action.

One of the books that made the biggest impression on me is called “The Four Agreements” written by Don Miguel Ruiz.

Considered “A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom” I would say that’s exactly what it is!

The Four Agreements RODA marketing

If any of these Four “Agreements” resonate with you, I would highly recommend getting a copy of this for yourself this holiday season.


Comment below if you’ve read the book and let us know what you think!

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