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Thank You Avram (and the power of mentors)

RODA marketing thank you Avram Gonzales

I’ll tell you about Avram in just a moment.

But first let me explain that I have a lot of mentors – some of whom I know personally, some of whom I study from afar.  All of them have inspired me in different ways.

Without my mentors, and would not be possible – plain and simple.

And as I begin this exciting journey of sharing more of my thoughts, passions, lessons learned, business tips, reasons to be grateful, etc. more frequently in the forms of daily blogs – I’m going to be thanking a lot of people throughout 2014.

But as with everything else in life, all things begin with taking that first step.

That first step I’m taking is to thank someone who has inspired me quite a bit over the past few years and I’m certain will continue to inspire me more as I follow along in his journey.

RODA marketing power of mentors

So, who is Avram?

Why am I thanking him personally?  And why am I sharing this with you?

(PS. no, that’s not an actual picture of him above!)

I was “introduced” to Avram via social media about two years ago, more specifically, via Facebook.  To take it a step further, it was a specific project Avram undertook for a year that really sparked my interest.  That project was to record one inspirational video per day for an entire year.

For years, I’ve wanted to do something similar. 

Not necessarily complete one inspirational video per day, BUT have the courage and passion to put myself out there via videos and written words for anyone to share in.


It’s my deepest belief we all have important things to teach others and learn about ourselves and only when stepping into our greatness can we truly achieve this.

Avram, by stepping into his greatness and expressing it freely with others with such passion, has inspired me – it’s time to do the same.

Now more than ever, I’m fully aware that it’s time for me to take more action and it’s time to do something that makes me uncomfortable.  Because only by pushing our own limits can we know what we’re actually capable of, right?


I want and need to do this for two reasons:

#1 – I have a lot to say about a lot of different things and there’s no better time than now to speak up and share!

# 2 – I’m intending that by me pushing myself out of my comfort zone to learn and do new things, it will produce the ripple effect I’ve always sought to create, which is for everyone to find a deeper purpose, live their passion and seek to help others do the same!


Avram, Thank You!

Your courage and passion inspires me.  I look forward to continuing to learn from you and following along in your story of living your passion.

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