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Good to Great Cliff Notes Summary

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One Of Our Favorite Books … “Good to Great” by Jim Collins … A Summary By Us – For You.


RODA marketing Good To Great Cliff Notes


Below you will find Chapter 2 from our PDF.

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RODA marketing Level 5 Leadership

This chapter focuses on the specific traits defined in Level 5 Leaders.


First, let’s define the different Levels of Leaders:

Level 5 – Executive:  builds greatness that endures through a paradoxical blend of personal humility and professional will

Level 4 – Effective Leader:  catalyzes commitment to and vigorous pursuit of clear vision that stimulates higher standards of performance

Level 3 – Competent Manager:  organizes people and resources toward the efficient pursuit of predetermined objectives

Level 2 – Contributing Team Member:  contributes individual capabilities to help achieve group objectives and works effectively in groups

Level 1 – Highly Capable Individual:  makes strong contributions through talent, good work habits and knowledge


What is humility?  Typical descriptions of interviews with Level 5 Leaders include: quiet, modest, humble, gracious, shy, reserved, mild-mannered, self-effacing, understated, etc.

Humility never lets the ego get in the way; ambition is for the good of the company and your concern is for ITS success – contributes success to factors other than themselves

What is will?  Fanatically driven by a ferocious resolve and determination to do what must be done to produce results.  Creates inspired standards and cannot stand mediocrity


RODA marketing good to great


Level 5 Leaders state luck as a factor to their company’s success (traced back to their humility) – they look out the window to find someone to give credit to and if they can’t find someone, they credit luck.  Level 5 leaders look in the mirror to accept responsibility when things go poorly, never blaming bad luck.  Comparison leaders did the opposite – looked out the mirror for someone or something to blame and in the mirror to credit themselves.

Can Anyone Become A Level 5 Leader?  Cultivating Level 5 Leadership…

Nothing concrete suggests that Level 5 Leadership is engrained.  The biggest obstacle is that most people work for what they get in direct return.  Level 5 Leaders must balance personal ambition and humility and put aside egotistical needs to build something greater than oneself.

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