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How Marketing Automation Can Grow Your Business

Marketing is crucial to growing your business, and done well, it requires a lot of work. Even with up-to-the-minute marketing tools, companies run the risk of becoming fragmented if they haven’t established a way to efficiently connect everything together.

Partnering with an internet marketing and website design company that can implement and manage marketing automation will help you to determine what’s working for your business and what’s not.

What Is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation utilizes software to automate repetitive marketing tasks. Instead of manually completing tasks, you can set rules or workflows within the software to complete those tasks automatically.

At its core, automation can save your business time, allowing you to focus your efforts on your area of expertise while achieving consistent marketing results. By automating repetitive tasks, you can reduce the risk of human error and redirect that energy toward more strategic functions. This enhances a team’s efficiency and output, which often yields a better client experience.

What Is Marketing Automation Used For?

When you ask people what marketing automation is, email marketing automation is usually what they name. Marketing automation technologies have a nearly limitless capacity to comprehend information and target potential customers with messages via email as well as social media and the web.

Marketing automation software can streamline internet marketing tasks such as generating and gaining leads, maintaining customer loyalty and retention programs, and gathering analytics and reporting to maximize content and marketing strategies.

How Marketing Automation Grows Your Business

Marketing automation software can enhance the customer data your business gathers, thus creating stronger customer profiles. This information can be leveraged to improve the customer experience (CX) or user experience (UX) by generating more personalized online interactions. Tailored internet marketing content delivered to potential customers at the right time will grow your clientele.

By keeping customers engaged with meaningful online content provided via marketing automation software, your company will likely experience improved customer retention.

One of the primary benefits of internet marketing automation is the enhanced efficiency and productivity your team gains. By streamlining and scheduling mundane tasks through a marketing automation platform, your team will be able to focus attention elsewhere. Sometimes this can mean directing attention toward additional creative marketing ideas that can further boost company output.

The classic adage, “work smarter, not harder,” is a fitting way to think of the productivity you gain when automating marketing efforts, thus simplifying the schedules of those who had previously covered the tasks. Saved time via automated solutions frees these individuals up for greater productivity elsewhere in the company, rather than completing repetitive manual processes.

But the bottom line when it comes to how marketing automation will grow your business is increased revenue. Investing in internet marketing automation is something your competitors are likely already doing, as it opens the door to new revenue possibilities.

In 2022, Oracle reported lead quantity rises by 80% among businesses using marketing automation. On top of that, 44% of businesses that implemented marketing automation software saw a return on investment within six months. Marketing automation can be the key to your business gaining better conversions and lower acquisition costs.

Internet Marketing Automation Expertise from Lancaster, PA

Marketing automation is critical to growing your business. If you’re ready to dive in or just want to dip your toes, RODA marketing can discuss marketing automation solutions that will best serve your team and client base wherever you are. RODA marketing is a nationally recognized website design company based in Lancaster, PA with internet marketing expertise and services that will make you more money.

Our team will go to work for you right away so you can benefit from proven internet marketing strategies that attract targeted visitors to your website, while turning those people into loyal customers and referral sources.

When you choose us, you’re choosing a team of experienced internet marketers with expertise in multiple marketing facets. If there’s a specific service we don’t specialize in, we have a trusted partner who does. Contact us today or call us at 888.653.0331 to discuss your project.

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