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It Might Be Time for a Workcation!

“A workcation is a vacation that allows you to work remotely while integrating elements of leisure that let you unwind, relax and be more productive.”

This is a great definition by HR Technologist of a concept that has grown in popularity in recent years – a workcation, or workcation.  It combines being productive while away from the office with vacation or leisure time.

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Workcation may not be for everyone, but for some people, including us at RODA marketing, it’s heaven – and here’s why:

Nowadays, due to cultural changes and the advancement in technology, many people can not only conduct their business or work no matter where they are, but it’s also a growing trend.

Computers, smart devices, Internet, messaging and teleconferencing platforms, project management software, and time-tracking gizmos all allow and support working remotely.

A workcation provides an opportunity to get a change of scenery without using actual time off and vacation days.  Changing your environment can be like a breath of fresh air that can bring you a new perspective and help you think differently.

Imagine being able to explore a fun new place, or spend a month in an exotic destination that requires a long travel, something you cannot easily do with a short vacation.  Or, finally planning an extended stay with family or friends who live abroad.

As long as it doesn’t affect your overall productivity, you can enjoy your favorite vacation spot or spend time with loved ones during the times in the day you set aside after (or before) you’ve done your work.

With a workcation, you get to do that without the stress of preparing for, missing, and recovering from a week off of work – you get to work but also take it easy.  With a leisure work pace and change of scenery, your work becomes much more pleasant.

To have a successful workcation, it’s essential to set goals and have an efficient time management strategy.  How you go about planning your workcation day could be up to you, depending on the nature of your work.  You can start your work day in the morning, take a nice break and then continue, or enjoy a day exploring the place, enjoying the beach, or simply relaxing and then finishing your work, recharged.

However you organize your work-day, make sure that everyone who is with you on the trip understands that work comes first.

Avoid jam-packing your calendar – the point is to work leisurely.  So don’t plan extensive trips or tours that will take up too much of your time and energy.

Another benefit of taking a workcation is that you could pick a “slow” season – which means better prices and less crowds.

In the hustle and bustle of running a business, or working long hours, we too often forgot the importance of taking care of our wellbeing and setting aside some time to spend with the people we love.  A workcation can be the answer – you can get rejuvenated and re-inspired all while working and having an adventure.

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