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It’s The Last Day Of The Year – How We Are Preparing For 2014

This whole post might seem or sound cliché but I’m writing it and sharing it, anyways.

The reason I’m standing behind my intuition is, well I always do anyway, but also because I do truly believe in energy, setting intentions, etc.

Call me crazy, but I’ve seen it work wonderfully first hand in my life. No matter what you say, or think – this is who I am and why I do what I do.

So here’s my day today and why it is what it is.

* Woke up early to go visit my family dog who wasn’t feeling well. Wasn’t part of my plan for the day, but obviously dropped everything else because family/friends and love come first, above all else.

* Came home and took our two dogs for a long walk in the cold, with my beautiful girlfriend. Did this one for obvious reasons: it’s part of my daily routine, I love fresh air and seeing our dogs enjoy their time to sniff, play and sniff some more, and I love walking and talking with Lidija (the love of my life).

* After the walk, as warmth welcomed us in our sweet little home, we did the Tibetan 5 Rites. If you don’t know what that is, Google it! And then make it part of your daily routine in 2014 – your body and soul with thank you.

* Right now, I’m emailing a few clients and getting fully caught up on all projects. It doesn’t take much to get caught up when you stay caught up. I’m also writing this blog post, my last one of 2013. Lastly for business, I’m filling my mind with great content like this:


Side note: during almost all of 2013 I wrote zero blog posts. I’m now doing my best to write one blog post per each business day. It’s one of my “go all in” commitments to myself for 2014.

* Next I’ll clean the house by vacuuming throughout and “tidying up” as Lidija likes to put it. For me, there’s something about giving an hour of my own time to clean our own place that is extremely fulfilling. Seeing something go from dirty to clean … call me crazy again … is a nice thing to see happen! Especially when accomplished by your own two hands.

* This afternoon I’ll go back to my parent’s house to give Kobe (our family dog mentioned above) a little haircut, so she starts the New Year fresh and clean. Why? If you read the first part of my day mentioned above, I can just say LOVE and you’ll understand.

* Come home in late afternoon for another walk with my two doggies and beautiful Lidija by my side to remind me how lucky I really am.

RODA marketing ari        RODA marketing socrates

* To conclude the daytime part of our New Year’s Eve, Lidija and I will have our elderly neighbor over for some wine and light fare, but mostly to bring some cheer and good will to her. Her family doesn’t live nearby and we’ve grown quite fond of her over our two years here. Will be good to wish her well before…

* Going into downtown Lancaster to spend an evening of awesome times with Lidija and fellow Lancastrians in a great place called POUR.

Lidija and Matt

* Good food, incredible drinks and tunes to keep everyone dancing into the night. It’s going to feel good to say Bye to 2013 and Hello to 2014 on such a note. And feeling love inside and around me.

* At some point during the evening and night, at different moments, I’ll take a moment to set different intentions and visions for the upcoming year.

Why? Like I said, I truly believe in energy, setting intentions, etc.

If you believe you’ll have an awesome year, you take action each day that leads you closer to an awesome year and stay determined and optimistic even when life throws you curveballs (I’d like to be wrong, but they’ll come), there’s nothing standing between you and the year of your dreams but you.

End 2013 on a strong note and put yourself in a position to really prosper in 2014 – CHEERS!

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