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Scared To Make Sales? Me Too! Here’s How I Overcame My Fears – It’s Almost Too Simple.

Growing up, it scared the crap out of me to stand in front of my class and read a book report … people watching me, hearing me?  Forget about it!

My palms would sweat and heart would pound just knowing that soon would be my turn.

RODA marketing scared of sales?

So, you can imagine the idea of “making sales to strangers” was a terrifying thought for me as I entered into my journey as an entrepreneur some 10 years ago.

When I really start to think about it, sometimes it makes me sit here and wonder:

How is it possible then that we were able to build our company into six figure revenues within its first two years of existence – with me being our only point of contact for all “sales”?

The answer is so simple it may knock you over.

What worked for me is honesty and loyalty – it had nothing to do with “hard, smart” sales at all.

A little preview into my personality: It’s never been my goal to have a BIG group of friends but it has always been my goal to be surrounded by a group of friends I completely trust and want to see lead a good life.

So, when my brother and I officially started our RODA marketing business in the summer of 2010, we set out with a similar mindset.

RODA marketing right mindset

And lucky for me and our company, once we started looking at and treating potential clients as potential friends, and we started creating true loyalty within our first few customers – they referred us to their family and friends and from there things have grown into so much fun and goodness.

We’re now fortunate to have an awesome team to support our growth and clients that stay with us for the long term because of what we’ve created together, which is a family like feeling.

We vigorously work for our client’s success, because their success and loyalty to us drives our success – it’s a no brainer to us.

You can imagine it was no mistake years ago when we decided on our tagline:  “Relationships and Results.”

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As time passes, more and more businesses are going back to the basics:  the actual relationship they have with their customers.

Raised in a traditional place like Lancaster PA (and no, we’re not Amish) has served us well because for us it’s always been about the basic valuesattention to detail, relationships with others, doing your best at all times.

Side note:  thanks Mom and Dad for raising us right and for helping us naturally grow a successful business!

Would you agree the relationships you develop and the results you deliver are really all that matters when it comes to “starting” or “growing” a business?

Comment below if you’d like to share a secret ingredient we did not think of! Thank you.

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