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Content Worth Sharing VS Content Worth Coming Back For

I came across an article the other day that was, simply put, brilliant.

It made a point so simple, it’s hard to believe we all haven’t come across it way before.

It made a point so powerful, it’s exciting to think about all the possibilities of how to put this valuable information to extremely good use.

The article was on the subject of creating two types of content:

Content worth sharing VS. Content worth coming back for


Like most marketers, business owners, etc., we too were under the impression that we need to create pieces of content that will go “viral.”

We’ve all seen the videos that get 1,000,000 + views and think we should create something similar.

Or, we’ve all seen the extra clever infographic that gets shared like crazy and seen by millions of people.

The truth is, these are the rare instances and not something we should all be striving for.

The 1,000,000 + viewed videos and highly shared infographics, articles, etc., are perfect examples of “content worth sharing” – it’s mostly pie in the sky thinking.

Now, instead, let’s change our focus and get down to what really works.



Let’s say you create a weekly video series, or, a monthly podcast/webinar, etc. Whatever it is you decide to create – the most important two things to keep in mind are that it should add value to people’s lives and that you do it consistently.

Would you rather have someone that comes back to your site every day, week, month, etc., to keep finding more and more of the information you are sharing (because they love it, which means they’ll probably share it too at some point)


Would you rather have someone that finds ONE thing you did clever enough to share but may or may not ever come back to your site, let alone share another thing for you?

Your answer will determine whether you focus on creating content worth sharing versus content worth coming back for.

Your decision to focus on one form of content over the other very well may be the difference some of us need to get our voices heard.

Good luck out there!

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