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The Most Important Question Your Team Will Ever Ask Each Other

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At RODA marketing, we are big believers in the importance of productive, positive, and healthy company culture.

As we avidly work with other businesses to help them succeed with our digital marketing services, we place equal importance and dedication to building a vibrant, balanced, and successful culture at our own company.

An essential part of it is creating and promoting a work culture in which our employees feel empowered to take charge, drive team culture and help determine RODA marketing’s values. This is known as a bottom-up culture.

One of the ways to put this in practice and remarkably impact our company’s culture and engagement has been to ask the following question: “What Made Your Week?”

Asking “What made your week?” can lead to a plethora of answers, personal, social, work-related, etc., and include anything from a small yet meaningful moment to achieving a life-long goal.

Ask your employees this powerful question via email or social media (pictures are welcomed!); in person during a one-on-one or during a team meeting; it can come from an assigned employee, so it doesn’t feel like it’s a top-heavy assignment, especially if your company is large. The bottom line is – whether what made someone’s week was big or small, your team members are invited and encouraged to share, and there’s never pressure on anyone to do so!

Knowing that participation is not a requisite, but simply an invitation to authentically connect with each other and share fun, sweet, profound and often very inspiring experiences is what makes this practice inviting and effective.

For us, it’s a great way to build personal connections – by learning more about each other and sharing in each other’s joys as well as challenges.

Even if in the beginning some employees are less engaging or open, “What made your week?” organically encourages people to share more freely about all kinds of insights into their lives, interests, struggles and dreams. Before long, employees start to share kid videos, pet pictures, and experiences at their church or volunteer work, daily challenges, aspirations, and touching moments.

Asking this question, “What made your week?” has helped us build a sense of community as each employee gets to know each other in a way that’s really not possible in a traditional professionally focused environment. These personal touches help build trust, with vulnerability and authenticity being the potent ingredients.

At RODA marketing, we take our values seriously – and that’s accountability, transparency, reliability, teamwork, and trust.

For all of your Internet and digital marketing, SEO, web design, and brand recognition and reputation needs – trust RODA marketing and our dedicated and proficient Lancaster, PA team to deliver value and results to your business.

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