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Top 5 Ways Not To Be A Consistent, Quality Blogger

It’s actually been a few weeks since I shared my last blog, “Is Guest Blogging Really Dead?”, and I decided to make fun of myself for my hiatus.

Through my own personal jabs at myself, I’m learning more and more about what it takes to be an industry leader and hopefully helping others by sharing content you can put into practical use to become a better blogger, writer, trainer, etc.

Enjoy, and don’t make the same mistakes I did!

1. Take weeks off at a time:

pic 2

It’s a lot like exercising. Take a few days/weeks off and it becomes easier and easier to find plenty of reasons not to get it done today. There’s always tomorrow; I’ll wait until inspiration strikes, another better topic will surface soon and I’ll write about that.

2. Find excuses why not to write about certain topics:

Chances are, you’ll never write about a topic that’s never been talked about. So, stop waiting for pure inspiration and start writing about something you’re passionate about – whether or not it’s been said before. Your voice/perspective is what will make your piece unique.

3. Stand in your own way, often:

Most people have some level of self-doubt, it’s semi-natural, but successful people kick that self-doubt to the curb and move into the unknown and uncomfortable places time and time again. Nobody is waiting for or asking for perfection – so stop blocking your own success.

4. Avoid scheduling your blogs:

One of the surest ways to failure is not having a plan for success. If you expect to blog consistently, with purpose, you better have a plan. Making attempts day-by-day and week-by-week to strategize on the go usually doesn’t get the job done. Know what you want to say and why/how you want to say it – then just go out and execute.

5. Have really high, unrealistic expectations:

pic 1

If you want to “fail” as a blogger, be sure to write for the purpose of every post going viral! If you’re blogging with expectations of hitting 1000’s of likes, thousands of RT’s, etc., you’re blogging for all the wrong reasons. If you want to teach, inspire, etc. the likes and RT’s will come naturally. Set out to blog with the right intention (adding value to people) and the great statistics will follow.

Any other sure fire ways to fail at blogging?  Share them here, so we can all learn from each other’s mistakes (and successes)!


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