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Is Guest Blogging Really Dead?

If you’re deep in the Internet Marketing scene like we are, and, more specifically, if you’re as deep into SEO (Search Engine Optimization) as we are – you probably notice the constant updates Google is making to “enhance” their algorithm, in an attempt to ultimately enhance their Search Results.

While most updates need not be discussed in full detail (after all, Google made about 20 major changes to their algorithm in 2013), some grab our attention more than others; hence, those need to be explained further to our clients and fans.

We’ve recently seen many articles on how “Guest Blogging is DEAD” and we wanted to share our thoughts on the subject.

What is guest blogging in the first place?

Guest blogging occurs when someone posts an article on a blog that is not their own.

How did guest blogging positively impact SEO rankings in the past?

The incentive for guest blogging, from an SEO perspective, is getting quality back-links to increase your own site’s Search Engine ranking.

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Of course, you could only get quality back-links by writing reputable, valuable content and getting it published on reputable, valuable blogs not owned by you.

Why is everyone saying guest blogging is dead now?

Unfortunately, our industry is filled with individuals and companies that look to take shortcuts to get results.  This leads to specific techniques being spammed to get desired results, in guest blogging in this instance.

Google, in their infinite wisdom and battle to clean up the web and yield only the best, most relevant results for users, is constantly on the lookout for techniques that once worked, which have now become spam.


And if you’re in the SEO game you know quality back-links is the name of the game.

So, the question remains:

Should you remove guest blogging from your overall Internet Marketing strategy?

Our answer is a loud, resounding NO!

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Despite Google’s new standpoint on guest blogging and despite guest blogging no longer playing a major role on your overall Search Engine rankings, guest blogging still has a very important place in Internet Marketing.

Why continue to guest blog even though Google says Guest Blogging is Dead? 

Three words reveal our “why continue to guest blog” answer:  credibility, authority and traffic.


If you’re approaching guest blogging, or any other form of Internet Marketing for that matter, with your intent to only increase your Search Engine rankings, you’re really missing the point.


Google loves good content.  People love good content.  Google trusts good content.  People trust good content.

When you guest blog, and do it right, you’re being seen by qualified (interested) readers who are frequenting blogs/topics relevant to what you do/offer, which is always a good thing.

Guest Blog = brand awareness and traffic building.  Guest blogging does not equal better Search Engine rankings.

As with all of the techniques we use for our clients, we follow one simple philosophy: is it good for the user?

If you are creating good content (whether on your own site or your own blog, or the blog of someone else) people will be drawn to you and will subsequently want to do business with you.

Content is still king and always will be.  The only thing that makes a difference now is (or should be) the intent for creating that great content.

If you’re creating great content only to increase the Search Engine ranking for a specific keyword, you’re going to lose at this game.

If you’re creating great content because you care about sharing good information with other people, and Search Engine rankings are a secondary thought (if a thought at all), you’re going to jump leaps and bounds ahead of your competition as Google and other Search Engines continue to get smarter and smarter.

Focused Guest blogging is not dead.  Period.

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