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The #1 Reason I Decided To Become An Entrepreneur – Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Money

As I sit here in my apartment, without electricity (thanks, storm!), I’m left pondering some things – and the one that keeps coming to mind is “Why did I decide to become an entrepreneur?”

However, before I go any further, let me quickly explain the inspiration for this blog post.

I’m connected to a variety of people inside Facebook and other social media accounts: from fellow entrepreneurs, to corporate types – and, of course, moms and dads.


Going through all the different posts about this crappy east coast weather we’re experiencing and seeing how it negatively impacts so many (unsafe travels to work, not being home with the kids, etc.), I am left feeling extremely grateful.



So, Why Did I Decide To Become An Entrepreneur?

Let me tell you, it has nothing to do with money, and it has everything to do with “FREEDOM.”

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The thing I appreciate the most about “working for myself” has nothing to do with the unlimited potential of income.

It has everything to do with FREEDOM.

– Freedom to stay home and work, and take a random break to go for a walk or see a movie

– Freedom to start and finish my workday, for the most part, anytime I want

– The Freedom to change the routine of my day, however I see fit

– Oh, how I love the freedom to travel as we wish, and take my work with me if we want to stay longer

– The freedom not to worry about “enough accumulated vacation time”


When I lived in San Diego years ago, I was able to travel home to visit family and friends numerous times per year.  For me, that was priceless and worth the trade of a “higher paying job.”

Freedom to rest easier at night knowing my fate is in my own hands, not in the hands of a corporation that makes decisions for me and decides how much I’m “worth.” 


Are you an entrepreneur?  If so, what’s your favorite part of being one?

Thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?  What’s holding you back?


Disclaimer: becoming an entrepreneur requires extreme discipline, dedication, focus and hard work/passion ~ so by no means is it easily achievable.  BUT, the rewards are well worth it if your heart is strong enough to see things through.

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