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Trying To Trick Google Is The Last Thing You Want To Do


The world is not just black and white, but when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – there’s certainly a white hat SEO and a black hat SEO.

Just like in a magician’s black hat, tricks brim in black hat SEO, a term used to describe the aggressive SEO strategies and tactics that do not respect terms and conditions of a search engine.

The white hat SEO, on the other hand, utilizes practices and techniques to improve search performance while keeping in line with the search engines guidelines, its focus being a human audience and not the search engines.

Building a brand and establishing an online presence is vital in Internet Marketing, and that takes time. Shortcuts and trick of the black hat SEO may get you some quick results, yet, without a doubt, they will be flimsy.

As a Lancaster PA Internet Marketing and SEO company serving clients nationwide, we have come across too many stories about businesses being promised too much in too short of a time period – and campaigns yielding little to zero results.

When it comes to SEO and any other digital marketing medium, any ethical company who practices transparency should be disclosing that overnight magic just doesn’t exist.

We’ve seen quite a few of our competitors who use “SEO tricks” to gain quick results end up not only failing their customers, but also eventually getting caught by Google and penalized, sometimes even banned.

Let’s look at Google’s job, for a moment, which is in essence to provide users with answers to their questions.

As a user, you type in your question or key words and you rely on Google to get the best possible options based on your search. And, chances are, you rarely look beyond page one.

And since Google seeks to deliver the answers that will most likely speak to your questions, this inherently means that it will constantly be changing its engine to filter out deceptive or self-serving information.

So, when the SEO vendors find the way to trick the system – Google comes up with a new algorithm.

While it should be pretty clear and make sense that trying to trick Google does not look good nor does it serve YOU or Google, the fact is, many in the SEO world grumble each time Google changes its algorithm.

As an SEO provider, you can complain and continue to be deceptive, and get on the Google’s persona non grata list, or you can operate in ethical and effective ways and ensure Google looks fondly upon the website you’re optimizing.

To attract customers and get Google on your side, you must deliver exceptional and valuable web content.

For instance, just using keywords and text that are popular, but not a valid part of topics on your website may fool the search engine into thinking you have relevant content – yet the user will know it’s nothing but trickery.

The truth is, Google rewards those who strive to provide the best answer to a given topic. So, delivering helpful and valuable content not only demonstrates your expertise and builds trust with users and potential customers.

Since businesses are spending about $65 billion on SEO – it’s crucial that their investment be spent on ethical campaigns that will deliver true and lasting results.

At RODA marketing, we understand and incorporate the time-tested practice of ensuring your website is optimized, as well as easy-to-navigate, offering content that is well integrated into your sales process.

We invite you to contact us today and learn more about SEO and our other digital marketing services today.

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