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Are You Getting Burned By The SEO Industry?

Many years ago businesses thought that all they had to do to be found and seen was to build a website, only to be awakened with a discovery that even a great website can still be invisible on the web.  So, business owners started investing in search engine optimization, or SEO, so people can find the products or services they were selling.

Too many people think that if they just do a good job of optimizing their site for prominent search visibility, the battle’s won.

A recent study propagated that companies are spending approximately $65 Billion on SEO.

At RODA marketing, we believe that within the SEO industry, and the digital marketing industry in general, you can actually get burned.

How come, you may ask?

As a Lancaster PA SEO and digital marketing company serving clients nationwide, we have heard too many sad stories about money, effort and time wasted, websites ruined, and campaigns yielding zero results.

Businesses, including our own, receive tons of unsolicited emails every day from marketers promising thousands of visitors in no time or to take your or our brand to the top of Google.

We have worked in SEO and other digital marketing medium for over a decade now, and as transparency has always been our motto – we cannot but share that the fact is there are no such guarantees.

Many businesses think it’s enough to invest in SEO – and magic will happen.   As amazing as SEO is, it also stands true that it doesn’t work quite well on its own.

First of all, even if SEO gets you great rankings, if the website is confusing, if your visitors can’t find what they want to buy, if the content is not effective or professionally written — any of those issues can render all the other work on the website useless.

Your website needs to be optimized, but it also needs an easy-to-navigate site, content that is buyer-value focused, and calls to action so it drives conversion.

Next, search engines are getting smarter, and it’s not enough to focus solely on SEO.

Your website, for instance, has more chance to rank higher if you have a blog.

When you share your blogs the search engine robots place your written content into their algorithms. Also, the keywords you use, or specific words or phrases that people are likely to search for when they look for the product or service you offer, can help you greatly.

Here’s another aspect to consider – the importance of optimizing your business for local review sites.

Depending on your business, this may be as crucial as optimizing your site for searches, as high quality reviews from customers can make your business more visible and more appealing on the review sites.

So, businesses that rely only on SEO could be missing several significant opportunities to drive growth, and to make sure you’re covering all your bases – it’s crucial to work with an agency that is creative in their approach to digital marketing and gives you full visibility into what they’re doing,

We invite you to contact RODA marketing today and learn more about SEO Lancaster PA and our other digital marketing services.


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