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Quiz: Find the perfect color for your logo

Our friends over at created an awesome infographic we thought was worth sharing on our blog. Enjoy!

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Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by simplistic color psychology models; the entire process is a lot more complicated than red = passion, especially when it comes to branding and logo design. Rather than being swayed by a very basic chart, you need to do more research into how customers perceive the appropriateness of the color scheme you choose.

There has been a huge amount of research on color psychology in the world of marketing. The main conclusion is that you need to design your logo with colors that support the ‘personality’ of your brand rather than trying to make them fit with outdated color associations.

After enlisting the help of experts and analyzing the colors of over 14,000 logos, we’ve managed to create a simple, fun but accurate quiz that can help you find the ideal color ‘fit’ for your brand’s personality. It only takes a few minutes but should provide you with a crucial insight into the best color scheme for your logo design.


how-to-choose-logo-colors (1)

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