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Why A Blog Is A MUST Have For All Website Owners


In today’s digital landscape, more and more people are turning to the Internet to obtain information and make purchases. If you have a business you want to see grow, even survive – you will want to make sure people find, stay and come back to your website.

How do you ensure you get more website visitors and convert them into customers?  The answer is to use blogging, social media, and effective search engine tactics.

A blog is a marketing tool, and marketing is how you position your product or service, find your customers, and determine strategies of how you’re going to reach them, and, ultimately – keep them.

So, a blog is a place where your customers find you, so you can provide them information and position your value to generate sales.


First, your blog should offer relevant and useful information that people want to consume, in a well-written and engaging content. What you’re providing is supposed to be of high quality, original, factual, interesting, and relevant to your audience.

Your blogs should talk about your business, your customers, your products and services, and about your successes, failures, and lessons learned. And, go on and share some interesting stories about how you decided to become an entrepreneur in the first place, and some of your experiences along the way – be professional yet personable, and certainly be relatable!

A blog should help you leverage your value as a caring, ethical, and trustworthy business.


Always strive to add value through your blogs by offering useful, educating and engaging content that’s also fresh and exciting. In addition to sharing good, relevant information, make sure you keeping your readers entertained!

Do this well and long enough, and you’ll strengthen your brand and acquire a following of existing and potential customers. If you’re consistently creating quality content, it’ll help establish you as an authority – a particularly handy tool for sales and service professionals.

Any SEO company can tell you that search engines are smart, and getting smarter. If you have a blog, your website has more chance to appear higher in the search engine result pages. After you start sharing your blogs, the search engine robots will place your written content into their algorithms. You’ll “score” higher if your content has proper grammar and spelling, and the more visitors, likes and shares it gets, the better.


Another crucial element a blog should contain would be important keywords – any specific words or phrases that people might search for in order to find the information about a product or a service.

Blogs can be a subtle yet effective form of successful advertising. Features like calls to action can be incorporated into your blog with a button that asks readers to subscribe to your newsletter, or with a small paragraph reminding them about your company’s services or products. With tasteful calls to action and great designs and, again, useful information your blog can certainly become a powerful conversion tool for your business.


As far as the frequency, the more the merrier – as long as your focus is more on quality and less on quantity. Blogging once a month is better than not doing it at all, weekly is better than monthly, and daily is better than weekly; just do what you can, and stay consistent.

Yes, creating great blogs requires effort and time – but investing in blogging for your business is one of the most impactful and cost effective things that you could do within your Internet marketing strategies.

And if blogging is not your forte, worry not – there are professional bloggers who can add great value to your online business!

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