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How to Utilize Facebook Effectively for Your Business

Every Internet marketing company will attest that social media plays a crucial role in today’s business landscape.

A Hubspot study found that 80% of respondents saw social media as one of the most significant sources of leads in addition to other digital marketing channels.

Digital marketing agencies know that social media marketing can be a lucrative strategy for a business, as it can help improve your brand visibility, increase web traffic, and even turn your audience into clients.

Facebook can drastically increase awareness for your products and services.  However, to promote your business effectively on Facebook, it’s helpful to get an insight into Facebook’s distinctive opportunities, since marketing on this social media platform is certainly different that marketing in a magazine, or on your website.

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People love to turn to Facebook for social engagements; they keep up with their friends and family, chat, and check out photos and videos.  You want to become part of a community, and not just a business that tries to aggressively sell their products or services.

Here are some pointers to focus on to make Facebook an effective tool for your business:

  1. Clear Goal and Strategy

What is your goal and purpose for using Facebook, and what strategy will you employ to achieve that goal?

When you set a goal and strategy, you’ll have a clear and measurable direction for your Facebook marketing.

To be successful, consider your target audience and your campaign goals first.  Then, develop a plan on delivering your particular voice, measurable goals, and a publication calendar and start implementing your strategy.

If, let’s say, you want to increase your sales generated by Facebook by 10% in the next 6 months, your strategy could include: creating a post every morning featuring a special of the day, using a coupon code so that the sale can be tracked to Facebook, posting a daily, weekly, or monthly photo featuring a customer of the day (if applicable), encouraging users to post their own photos of them enjoying your product, etc.

Without a strategy, what you communicate may seem disparate and jumbled, preventing you from clearly and effectively delivering your messages to your audience.

A clearly defined Facebook strategy will be your avenue for offering content that is valuable, engaging, memorable and beneficial.

  1. Frequency of Posting

To be effective with your social media marketing campaigns for your business, post consistently and regularly.

If you post once every few days, your business account will not get enough visibility to generate any significant growth.  Also, publishing too many posts and too often, for instance within minutes or hours from one another, can seem aggressive and push away your followers and prospects.

A steady supply of good content will give people and other businesses a good reason to follow you.  Ideally, share your posts consistently and spread them out.

It’s all about updates – statistics show us that around 50% of Facebook users check their page at least once a day.  Make sure you regularly post new material, and post when you have interesting content.

  1. Nature of Posts

Your posts should be related and relevant to your business or marketing goals.  Be as creative as possible and avoid being sales-y.

Post mostly relevant syndicated or repurposed content from others, your own content significant to your audience, and much less of some fun, more personal content that will help humanize your brand.  It has been shown that discounts and giveaways are one of the most popular reasons for a customer to follow a business’s Facebook page.

And, being critical, insensitive, or offensive is a big no-no in your posts or comments on social media.  Be sure to keep it professional, tasteful, and not too personal.

  1. Responsiveness

When your regular posts generate responses, questions and comments – do not ignore them, or your audience will lose interest in your posts.

Check for new interactions regularly and acknowledge them in some way, preferably within 24 hours.  Engage other Facebook users and encourage them to post their own comments about your business or a relevant topic.

  1. Visual Tools

To keep your audience engaged and entertained, utilize pictures and videos.

For instance: post photos of new products as they arrive; a before and after pictures of a house renovation project, dental work performed, an instructional video of an exercise, and other how-to’s.  Occasionally, post a baby picture or a photo of your playful pet, add good, clean humor or an interesting fact or thought, but don’t overdo it, as you always want to keep it professional.

Get interactive with offers, contests, games, surveys, etc., use images, infographics, and videos to liven up your page, and keep it fun and unique to you.

  1. Promoting

Promote your Facebook page throughout your business and make it work hand-in-hand with more traditional marketing techniques.

Add your Facebook address on your business card, website, letterhead, and email signature, display it in your store, and in advertisements.

While every business owner should strive to get as much genuine and organic following as possible, you can also utilize boosted posts to point people back to your website, and run Facebook Ads to get people to take action.

  1. Nurturing Relationships

Building good and lasting relationships with other Facebook users takes time.  You’re in it for the long haul so keep that in mind, as many business owners become impatient.

You set your clear goals and strategy early on, now enjoy the ride and focus on providing useful and captivating content, do it sincerely and be authentic, especially when engaging in conversations.

Also, offer some kind of rewards for loyal customers – it will help foster positive relationships.

These social media tips for utilizing Facebook effectively will help create a solid foundation that will benefit your brand, your customers, and your bottom line.

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