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What You Need to Know About the New Clubhouse App

If you’re a parent with school-aged children attending virtual school and/or had to work remotely from home during the past year, you’re probably very familiar with video conferencing services, such as Zoom. You or your children may be rocking the #COVIDwear look these days with “business on top, quarantine on bottom” (AKA business/school wear on the top half and pajamas/athleisure on the bottom half). Video conferencing has been very important over the past year during stay-at-home orders by providing alternate school/work platforms. Another way to safely stay connected to others (for work or just for fun) is a new social networking app called Clubhouse.

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Allow our Lancaster PA based Internet Marketing company to fill you in on the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY behind the Clubhouse app.


Nearly everyone using Clubhouse is a creator, part of a marketing company or a business owner.  There’s even a handful of well-known names using it, such as Elon Musk, MC Hammer, Kevin Hart, Jared Leto and Fab 5 Freddy just to name a few.  Once you’re a user and someone you follow “jumps up on a stage” (more on that later), the app notifies you right away, even if your phone is locked.  When you click on the notification, you instantly join the chat room as a passive listener.  The Clubhouse notification feature is a lot like the early days of Facebook Live, where you could simply push a button and hundreds of people would easily be tuning in to what you have to say.


Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio-chat social networking app that was launched in 2020 during the height of COVID-19.  Some claim it to be the “best app born during the global pandemic of 2020.”  This form of social media is unique in that it does not focus on text or image-based posts.  Instead, Clubhouse users have more of a community-based experience where they chat with each other in real time.  Unlike other popular social media outlets like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, Clubhouse has no private messaging or text commenting features.  To use this audio-chat app, your voice is your only instrument and form of communication.

To give you better insight to what it really is, CNBC describes the Clubhouse app as a “mashup of listening to a podcast while scrolling through your Twitter feed and attending a conference remotely.”  While you’re listening to various topics in chat rooms, raise your hand to be “called up” on stage if you want to join the discussion.  Typically, 5-20 people are up on stage with hundreds in the “audience.”  A moderator will decide who is called up to stage and contributing to the discussion.


You can easily tune in and listen to Clubhouse contributors anytime and anywhere.  Open the app and dive in while you run, ride on your Peloton, cook dinner, etc.  Clubhouse is different than Zoom and other video conferencing tools because you don’t have to worry about being in front of the computer and looking good (you can be dressed comfy from head to toe!).  Bilal Zuberi, a partner at venture firm Lux Capital, says “this is the first one (social media app) where I’m not looking at a screen. I’m involved in social media but I’m sitting by the pool with my kids and as long as I’m muted and not speaking, it’s great.”

This iPhone app is an invite-only experience where you must be invited by someone who is already using the app.  Each Clubhouse user is granted a limited number of invites. The more active they are on the platform, the more invitations are unlocked for that user to share with friends, colleagues, etc.  Some refer to Clubhouse as “the AirPods social network” where you can listen while you’re multitasking.    Listen in the background while you are working, grocery shopping, lying in bed unable to sleep or just about anywhere!


The Clubhouse app provides a great space to test out podcast ideas or even live video topics because you get to hear peoples’ immediate reactions.  Bonus points that you don’t even have to comb your hair or apply makeup for this audio-only platform!  Safely and easily share business ideas, talk politics, make business connections (both in and out of your industry) and have real human engagement (even if you’re stuck at home) by using the Clubhouse app.

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