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Why are Processes Important for a Business?

Business owners should have a clear understanding of the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE and WHY of their business. 

But what about HOW your business actually works?  This is where things can get confusing.  At RODA marketing, processes are very important to us.  Whether you’re a local internet marketing company like us managing a small group of employees or a large corporation with hundreds of coworkers, business processes are vital to your business’s success. 

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Put simply, a business process is a series of interlinked steps that are assigned to certain teammates to deliver services and results to the client.  To achieve a concrete goal, each teammate should perform their tasks (where steps are repeated many times) in a standardized and optimized way. 

There are different types of business processes, including primary, support and management processes:

  1. Primary Processes are fundamental business processes in which the end product/service is delivered directly to the customer/client.  Each individual step and cross-check in these processes works toward adding value to your final product or service.

  2. Support Processes don’t necessarily add value to your final product, but instead allow for primary processes to run smoothly and operate efficiently.  Such processes support the everyday operations of an organization.

  3. Management Processes help govern operations and strategic management.  These processes help set goals and standards to lead to the efficient and effective working of both primary and support processes.  Strategic, tactical and operational planning, as well as monitoring and control of other business processes, all fall under this category. 

While you may have not known the technical terms for each business process performed in your line of work, your business would be up a creek without a paddle if proper business processes were not in place.  They play a vital role in the proper functioning of organizations. 

Well planned, strategized and optimized business processes can help your business in many ways:

Reduce expenditures and risk: by laying out the most efficient ways of doing certain jobs and tasks, you are setting your business up for success by considering potential future shortcomings.

Reduce human error: cut down on human error by purposefully distributing tasks to people who are specialized in that area.

Improve efficiency: enhance the productivity of departments by mapping out specific moves and relevant steps that are best for your business. 

Shift to customer focused: continuously update your company about what your customers/clients want based on their reviews of your products and services. 

Bridge communication gaps: use reviews and market research to help bridge the communication gap between your company and customers/clients to improve relations.

Better time management: help improve your employee’s time efficiency by developing specific strategies and flowcharts to minimize the time taken to complete tasks.

Adopt new technology: business processes change and improve over time.  Stay ahead of the game by being open to adopting new technologies to help business processes evolve effectively. 

Business processes help to reduce the number of unmotivated employees and increase efficiency and productivity in the workplace.  They can help you and your employees prioritize your time and allocate tasks based on specific skillsets within your team.  This ultimately leads to business success and growth, which is what we’re all striving for.    

Processes form lifelines for successful businesses.

If your business is on the hunt for a digital marketing company that can deliver results, it’s time to contact RODA marketing at 888.653.0331.  Our dynamic team has several successful business processes in place that make us a nationally-recognized internet marketing company right here in Lancaster PA.  Our variety of digital marketing services are fine-tuned and will most definitely help your business grow.  Don’t take our word for it – read firsthand how happy our clients are with our work.

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