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7 Marketing Tips for Small Businesses

Standing out in a crowded marketplace is no small feat and can be an ongoing challenge for businesses of any size. Fighting to catch consumers’ eyes as a small business in a world rapidly evolving with technological innovations is a hurdle that takes consistency and innovation.

Where to begin? Today we’re discussing some practical marketing tips for small businesses.

1. Start small.

Dreaming big has a rightful time and a place, but when it comes to tackling a new marketing strategy for your small business, try focusing on a goal to reach the smallest applicable audience.

Who is your business trying to reach? Think about who you would like to reach as specifically as possible and get to know their worldview. People are more likely to notice you if they feel seen themselves. Err on the side of looking at your customer and their needs first and foremost.

Once you have established yourself among a small group of people who believe in you and what your business delivers, they will tell others. Gaining customers who trust you will build a trusted reputation for your business, thus creating a never-ending successful marketing campaign as customers pass along your name to others.

2. Create a respectable website.

A professional-looking website is an essential asset for your small business; without one, your internet marketing will be ineffective. A website will allow you to own your online presence, show the public who you are, and explain what you have to offer.

With the help of a digital marketing company, your website can be a 24/7/365 sales device. Experienced internet marketing professionals will show you how to convert website traffic into leads to grow your brand and expand your earnings.

3. Use blogging to lead more folks to your website.

While a reputable website establishes your online presence, blogging is the natural next step to greatly enhance it. Google loves updated website content, and consistently blogging will give your website that!

Your potential customers are searching the web for the product or service your brand offers. If you take time to share your knowledge about that particular thing you specialize in, your blog post relevant to their search will pop up for them to read. Whatever you’ve shared in that post – or the scads of others they fall into a rabbit hole reading – solidifies you as an expert in the customer’s mind, increasing the likelihood that they’ll contact your business when they’re ready to make a purchase.

Long story short: blogging will increase your company’s visibility online.

4. Stay active on social media

Like it or not, social media platforms are integral to most people’s lives and shopping habits. No matter what audience you’re aiming to reach, you can use social media to engage with potential customers and grow awareness of what you do. The opportunities for internet marketing via social media are endless.

Would you like to reach a hyper-local audience? Maybe Ann Arbor, MI or Lancaster, PA? Use social media marketing tactics like geotags and selecting locations for targeted social media ads to appear.

Have a product you’d like to make more readily available to a national and international audience? Consider diving into social commerce so your products can be purchased even more effortlessly through social media platforms.

Overwhelmed by the idea of social media altogether? Partner with a trusted internet marketing company to decide where and how social media can offer the most potential growth for your brand.

5. Utilize email marketing.

Another internet marketing workhorse that savvy small business owners can take advantage of is email marketing. Growing an email list of new and existing customers is an affordable and customizable communication strategy that will help you collect leads, offer information, and share expertise to entice people who aren’t ready to buy yet.

Think about email lists you’re subscribed to. Which ones do you open? What is it about those that hooks you and keeps you reading or even just skimming? Experiment with your email newsletters till you find your groove. Link to your latest blog posts or offer promotions to keep things fresh.

If you don’t have time to devote to email marketing, consider outsourcing the task to a digital marketing company that will take that off your workload so you can focus on what matters more.

6. Encourage happy clients to write reviews.

Nearly 95% of shoppers read online reviews before making a purchase, so make sure to thank your customers who leave excellent reviews – and encourage other happy clients to do the same! Amazon, Better Business Bureau, Facebook, Glassdoor, Google, and Yelp are only a few of the places to leave ratings, reviews, and commentary about businesses.

Lean into the power of word of mouth, and encourage clients to share their positive experiences with your brand with others. Make it easy for them to provide online reviews where your customers are the most active. Celebrate the good reviews by giving them a prominent spot on your website, on social media, or whatever fun way you like! Giving your customers the gift of being and feeling seen will reap the rewards for your business in turn.

7. Make strategic thought a daily practice.

Small business marketers should practice strategic thought until it becomes a habit. Ask yourself how you are serving your audience and what you are doing to earn their trust. Look months ahead so you can research, plan, and implement efficiently. Calculate risks, but not to the point that you cannot execute a newly developed strategy.

An Internet Marketing Company That Understands Small Businesses

Whether you’re working with time restraints, a lack of vision, or a sparse budget, a strong marketing plan that suits your small business will guide you as you scale. RODA marketing is a nationally recognized, family-owned internet marketing company based in Lancaster, PA that serves clients nationwide. We believe that small businesses build and strengthen our communities, and our nation needs them to prosper.

Our team at RODA marketing leverages its combined internet marketing experience to help your company thrive by developing and executing a digital marketing strategy that will grow your brand. Our internet marketing services specialize in websites and content marketing, as well as offering SEO, email campaign, social media, blogging, reputation management, and paid ad services. Schedule a discovery session with us. Our priority is ensuring you succeed!

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