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Customer Love: Tips for Getting More Reviews

If you don’t like having to constantly self-promote on social media, you’re not alone. But guess what? You can let the positive things your customers say do the talking for you and your business!

A glowing review from a customer can be shared on your website and social media and slid into conversation with industry professionals. Reading and hearing testimonials from others shows credibility to potential clients, and word-of-mouth is often the most persuasive way of attracting business.

Yet many of us have a love-hate relationship with reviews. We know good reviews are hugely beneficial in helping people find us online, influencing purchase decisions, and revealing how caring and trustworthy we are. But sometimes, the fear of receiving negative reviews causes us to avoid them—or even go out of our way to prevent customers from giving reviews.

In today’s digital world, small businesses need to embrace reviews. Have you taken the time to ask your customers to leave reviews? If not, go for it!

If you’ve tried and come up empty or are ready to get started for the first time, our internet marketing company based in Lancaster, PA has compiled some of the best tips for getting reviews. What would you add to this list?

Review Cards

Review cards are a tangible way to encourage customers to leave reviews. They can be ordered as business cards with a message asking people to write a review. Cards can also include instructions guiding them where and how to do so – perhaps via scanning a QR code or visiting a custom link. You can ship the cards with your products or give them another way, depending on your goods and services.

Email Follow-Ups

Send an email to your customers asking them to write a review and include direct links to do so. The easier you make the process, the more likely you’ll see follow-through. Keep the text brief and to the point so people do not lose interest and close the email before writing a review. Remember that most emails will be read on a mobile phone, and don’t overcomplicate it.

Ask In Person

When done well, asking for reviews in person can be one of the most effective approaches. Employees who are on the front lines building relationships with customers are best suited to ask clients to write a review. Some companies offer incentives for employees who ask for reviews, and employees can tell the customers that a good review with a mention of their name can help them earn a bonus.

Let’s say you have an HVAC technician who fixes a client’s broken air conditioning system in their home. Clients tend to care more about the person who completed the service for them and want to show appreciation for a job well done, making them more likely to gladly write a review.

Use Software to Automate the Process

If you haven’t yet invested in software to automate the process of requesting customer reviews, go for it. Small business owners are acutely aware of how time is a limited resource. Automation helps make your business more efficient, and web design companies can help you to implement it.

Review request automation will save you and your employees time from manually adding recipient lists or sending individual email requests. It will ensure no customers fall through the cracks, and that will likely lead to more reviews for you.

Text Messages

If your business is already collecting customer phone numbers and using text messages in your marketing, why not use that channel to gather reviews, too?

By sending a text to your clients, you’ll be reaching them wherever they are in their daily routine. If they’re someone who primarily communicates via text, you can connect with them in the place they’ll be most likely to follow up.


Businesses with website product pages have a golden opportunity to ask customers to submit reviews. It’s easy to understand why people read online reviews – you are no longer taking a complete gamble on a product after hearing from people who have already spent money on the product or service you’re considering. Find an internet marking company to include a call to action on each product page to prompt visitors to give your products or services a review.

Request Feedback on Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube are the places many people turn to when they want to purchase something online. With 72.3% of the total United States population actively using social media, asking for business feedback here makes sense. When new customers discover your company on social media and see stacks of positive reviews from other people, they will be more likely to head to your website and do business with you.

Try creating a social media post asking users what they like about your product. The responses can generate interest among those who read that original post and be used in other places like email newsletters and websites. Web design companies are thrilled when a company has an ample supply of praise in print or video format to put on its webpage, but they can also help you grow your collection if it doesn’t exist yet.

Reach Out to an Internet Marketing Company

People are different and like to be approached differently, so make sure you’re not attempting a one-size-fits-all approach when asking for reviews. Place review requests through a variety of channels and methods.

The stronger your business’s online reputation is, the easier it will be for new clients to choose you. Reaching out to customers for reviews will be more than worth it. Having an abundance of praise at your disposal will help you stand out from the competition.

If you’re searching for an internet marketing company to help or take over the process of asking customers for reviews and monitoring your online reputation, contact RODA marketing. We’re a results-driven internet marketing company serving clients nationwide from Lancaster, PA. Our team is here to help take your business to the next level. Schedule a free discovery session or call 888-653-0331 to get started.

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