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How to Keep Your Employees from Mentally Checking Out

Whether you’re in a leadership position in a large corporation or a small business, it’s always a good idea to check in with your employees on a regular basis.  Proper employee management can make or break your company.  Here at RODA marketing, we know that our business can only be as good as the teammates behind it.  That’s why we value our internet marketing team so much and do our best to support them.

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When it comes to making your employees feel valued and appreciated, it takes more than just an occasional bonus or a yearly appreciation week to do the trick.  Regularly scheduled check-ins where you have a conversation about your employee’s strengths (“glows”) and areas that they could improve upon (“growths”) are a great starting point.  It’s important for management to not do all of the talking and to give their employees a chance to express what they’re enjoying about their job and also any “pain points” that they are feeling.

By checking in with your team on a regular basis, you will hopefully avoid them mentally checking out when things get tough – because let’s be honest, life happens. 

If this last year has taught us anything, it’s that life is unpredictable.  Don’t wait until it’s too late to reel your employees back in.  If you hear office rumors of someone thinking about quitting, repeatedly notice one of your teammates looking unhappy or not as chipper and/or pick up on frequent absences and quality of work slacking, it’s time to step in and quickly assess the situation. 

One way to do this is something called a “stay interview.”  This may be a new term to some, having only heard of a regular interview to land a job and perhaps an exit interview (where one expresses why he/she feels the need to leave the place of employment).  Stay interviews are used to gather fresh insight to improve the work culture and productivity that surrounds your company.  Strong business leaders will see the value in putting their pride aside and asking the (sometimes tough) right questions to build trust with their employees and learn how to improve their company from the inside. 

Stay Interview Questions That Will Make Your Employees Want to Stay:

  1. “What makes you most excited to go to work each day?”  This type of question will help set the tone of your important conversation and will clue the leader into the part(s) of their employee’s job that he/she would like to experience more often.

  2. “Is there anything you dread about going to work each day?”  As uncomfortable as it might be to ask tough questions like this one, it’s vital to uncover any grievances that could make your teammate unhappy and ultimately less productive in your workplace.

  3. “Describe the last really good day of work you had.”  By tapping into their memories and hearing specific examples of positive experiences they had, you’ll be able to see what your employees value and replicate similar experiences more frequently. 

  4. “What talents do you have that are not being used in your current role?”  By asking this simple question, you may be able to uncover new skills and strengths of your employees that you never knew before.  Leverage such personal strengths to not only improve your business but also to give your employees greater purpose and drive.

  5. “How would you rate your current work-life balance?”  Business owners should obviously want their employees to love what they do and do a good job at it.  But they should also want their hard-working employees to have a healthy balance of work and whatever else it is in their life that makes them happy.  Like we mentioned before, your business is only as good (or happy) as the people behind it.

Two-Way Conversations Can Strengthen Your Business

RODA marketing’s team has always made it a priority to ensure our clients succeed.  We truly value each of our employees and continually foster our working relationships and seek ways to grow as a team.  As a successful Lancaster, PA internet marketing business for the past decade, we have learned firsthand that it is critical to get in front of any potential problems (employee or client wise) before they arise.  By addressing employee satisfaction, suggestions for improvement and any engagement issues up front, we are not only strengthening our employee relations, but also our business as a whole.

If you are looking for a trustworthy and talented digital marketing team, contact RODA marketing today at 888.653.0331 – you’ll be happy you did!  Looking to join a fun and dedicated family-like internet marketing team?  Check out our open positions and give us a shout!

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