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Spring Cleaning Isn’t Just for Your House

Be honest, which of the following categories do you fall into when it comes to the state of the documents, photos and other files on your cell phone and computer?

  1. Everything is organized in properly labeled folders.
  2. Cluttered, but I know where everything is.
  3. In complete disarray!!

If you answered B or C, you may be what we refer to as a “Desktop Dumpster,” where you dump all of your random picture files, work documents, screenshots and digital receipts haphazardly on your desktop.  Or if you answered A, you are like us and are neat and tidy when it comes to managing your digital files.  Either way, here at RODA marketing, we love ALL of our clients and aim to build relationships with them and help deliver results. 

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Since 2000, “National Clean Out Your Computer Day” has been celebrated on the second Monday of each February.  At that time of year, people are anxiously awaiting spring and are encouraged to give their entire home a thorough cleaning.  In addition to spring cleaning your home, don’t forget to clean up your devices too!  Just as you clean out old files and de-clutter your closets, cupboards and drawers, it’s important to do the same to your “digital filing cabinets.”  

What does basic housekeeping on your computer look like?

Getting rid of junk and staying organized makes you feel more relaxed, comfortable and extra productive both in your home and while using your device.  By cleaning up your devices, you’ll not only feel better but it will also make your computer or phone work more efficiently.  You may have missed the official #CleanOutYourComputerDay2021, but it’s not too late to spring-clean your phone and computer. 

Allow RODA marketing to offer these helpful digital detox tips:

  • Purge unused files and programs
  • Remove random screenshots
  • Organize with descriptive folder names
  • Rename files & store in correct folders
  • Review emails and delete unneeded ones
  • Delete old downloads
  • Get rid of duplicate files
  • Clean out your recycle bin
  • Update the programs you do use
  • Check for software and operating system updates
  • Back up your hard drive
  • Disinfect your keyboard

Internet Marketing Made Easy with RODA marketing!

In this day and age, most people work on computers every day.  Take the time today to clean out your computer and phone and make a big difference for your mental health and work efficiency. 

Whether you’re a business in need of a new website or social media services, RODA marketing is here to help.  We are an SEO company not only known for our great organization and communication skills, but most importantly for delivering results to an array of businesses across the country. 

Follow these tips to clean out your devices and improve your digital marketing game with the help of the best Internet Marketing agency in Lancaster, PA.  Contact us today at (888) 653-0331 to start discussing your goals.

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