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Make Extra Money Over the Holidays by Sending Us Referrals

While holidays are about celebrations, festivities, and remembering what’s important in life, the fact is that it’s also a season of shopping and gifting.

This holiday season, instead of just spending money, which we all already do, why not also focus on making some extra money – with RODA marketing!

At this time of the year, we are reminded of how fortunate we are to have all the amazing people we partner with, each one being a gift, from former clients to present clients, to everyone who’s ever collaborated with us – and we’d like to return the gift to you!

Metalic Gold piggy bank

Imagine, getting paid every time someone you know uses something you recommended?

Business owners know that word of mouth is one of the best and most reliable ways for companies, big and small, to get new customers, and it is the most authentic and personable way to make connections with people.

Another wonderful aspect of acquiring clients through referrals is that a referral customer has a 16% higher lifetime value than your average customer, as shown by the Wharton School of Business.

As for us – we’re proud and humbled to say that about 80% of our clients were referred to us by our friends, family, and other clients who have experienced our website and digital and content marketing services.

You’ll be able to earn extra cash for the holidays just by giving us a qualified referral of a business or organization who could benefit from our Internet marketing services.

So, here’s how the referral works…

If any of your friends or family are business owners, introduce them to our company and tell them to mention you when they contact us.  We will do a FREE consultation with them and if/when we close the deal, we will send you a check to thank you for thinking of us.  You don’t have to do any sales work – all you have to do is mention us, we will take it from there.

Or, you can simply let us know of someone who is interested and could use our services.  Contact us with the name of the business or organization, the name of the “decision maker”, and how best to reach them.  With each qualified referral that becomes a client, you get paid, so it’s always a win-win situation!

“Tis the season” to be merry, so we’d love to share the profits with you and ensure we all get to enjoy the holidays with friends and family even more!  So don’t be shy – talk, text, email, and use social media to let your friends and family know about us.

And if you haven’t checked out our portfolio yet, we invite you to do so and learn more about RODA marketing and our Internet marketing solutions delivered with quality, experience, and passion.

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